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Public Deathmatch Server

Seeing that DMs already provided pickup servers I'm considering to spend my server slots on a public deathmatch server.

I was thinking about something like this:
Timelimit: 10 minutes (or do people prefer fraglimit?)
Mappool: Default xonotic maps + latest community maps, like this one for example + finest nexuiz DM maps
Balance/physics settings: Default
Slots: 12
Location: Germany

Anything important that I missed? Ideas? Wishes?

I'm not a DM player but 12 players on 1 map is a bit too much is not it? DCC had 8. Smile
Also it had 30 frags as limit and 15 minutes. Don't know which is better, cause I don't care. Tongue

I think most common is a fraglimit of 30, and what I'd appreciate would be if you could make fullbright skins voteable, since non-fullbright players are darn hard to see.
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Make fullbright skins default.

And I think there is much more need of a ctf server btw. We really need something DCC's Laidback Delight. I so much would love to play public ctf.

If my Xonotic works again...

Ok I realized that there already is a public dm server online called KabaBunka which does basically everything I mentioned. The reason why I've not noticed it before is because its always empty I guess. :/

Quote:We really need something DCC's Laidback Delight. I so much would love to play public ctf.
We need everyone to play on public servers, doesn't matter if the server is called DCC Laidback Delight, Beckstein vs Stoiber or eXiLe CTF. I can make a start on that with a couple of my clanmates though.

p.s.: @Miro: Server slots != g_maxplayers

I don't care about the server name. I care about a stable server, with good settings and map choices. And I care about that it is being played a lot.

DCC's Laidback Delight has that all.

(11-03-2011, 01:01 PM)Mepper Wrote: DCC's Laidback Delight has that all.

Yeah, great maps. Tongue

It's bad when players can join the server but can not play, so I assumed it's the same. Wink

Quote:I care about a stable server, with good settings and map choices.
I can provide that.

Quote:And I care about that it is being played a lot.
Well what can I say - it has to start somewhere. And that does mean people will have to join an empty server and wait till it gets crowded to get a good game. Complaining about how DCC was better wont bring us anywhere. Don't rely on the "others", take responsibility yourself.

Set fraglimit to 30 and timelimit to 15 seems a good setting to be honest.

Like your maplist idea, standard + some community one's, please don't add shitty maps just quality one's please Smile

Once I fix my PC, I will be using this server a lot, always wanted a DECENT DM server to play on in Xonotic.

Good work asylum Smile
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Yea I also think that it's worth a try.
Miro, we had servers with spec-only slots back when minsta dm was big in nexuiz. Its cool if you can stay on the server to have a chat, or just to watch others play without being kicked for wasting a slot. It worked pretty well and brought the community together. People shouldn't be forced to leave the server only because they desire a smoke or a coffee Wink

I believe if you join a public server you should be able to play. Wink And of course you should be able to spectate. The idle kick thing is rather stupid in my opinion, so I wouldn't turn it on.

Disable it in Xonotic. Full servers are never a problem in Xonotic Tongue

And Assyyy, about the server being played, if my Xonotic works again, I will play ONLY on that server. I really love public ctf.

I today talked a bit with Xeno the blind on laidback delight, he is also admin of that server, and said dcc servers would indeed most likely switch to Xonotic at it's next big release (1.0) Smile

P.S. Sorry for making a double post.

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