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[SUGGESTION] demo file browser

A good idea would be to make selectable from the menu interface all .dem files contained into /demos directory, including all sub-directories in it.

+1 for folder support!

just to be clear: I actually didn't mean a classical browsing window where you can select the folder you want to browse, then you select a demo file. It would be ideal, but I assumed that it would be too hard to implement and include in the current menu system.
I just meant: the list of the demos files which appears into the demo tab should be built by listing the files contained into the /demos folder and all its sub-directories.

Yeah I know, I know: this feature is an awesomely exciting feature to code for any talented xonotic coders...
but this would be usefull and take 5 mn to code Smile

Hey, it wouldn't be an extremely hard thing to do for an aspiring QC programmer.

the support for subfolders is already there, just type repname/ in the filter area. For all subfolders, type */ or just /.

P.S. when the filter field is not used, the demo are searched using demos/*.dem.
When it's used, the pattern used is "demos/*" + filterString + "*.dem"





Hmm, doom had only one demo, should be enough I think. However, demos should vary with every new version release I think.
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