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How to set up custom sound server?

Hi! I have some problem to set up my costom server.

change gun sounds(or misc sound) when players come to my server

MATERIAL(only one sound file as an example)
hoge.pk3 -> sound -> weapons -> uzi_fire.ogg, uzi_fire_custom.ogg

Ubuntu 10.04 LTS x64
Apache(for HTTP server)

Windows 7 x64
Server and this machine is connected by router
  1. divVarent told me, to do that, I need to change the source code and compile these by my self. So I did something following:
    • 1.1 Refer to Xonotic - Repository Access,
      $ git clone git://
      $ cd xonotic
      $./all update -l best
    • 1.2 Then I changed the characters: 'uzi_fire.wav' to 'uzi_fire_custom.wav' in following files:
      (under xonotic/data/xonotic-data.pk3dir/qcsrc/)
    • 1.3 Then I compiled.
      $ ./all compile
      $ ./all run glx
      Compile was successfully finished and I confirmed loaded sound is changed to 'uzi_file_custom.ogg'(It seems that the format, wav or ogg is not cared. Both works fine.)
  2. set up pk3 file and server so that players can download custom sound files.
    • 2.1 put hoge.pk3 on my local server's public directory
    • 2.2 in $HOME/.xonotic/data/curl_urls.txt,
      hoge.pk3 http://LOCALSERVER_IP/public/

    • 2.3 run server
      $ ./all run dedicated

    • 2.4 (client side) run Xonotic and connect to my server from another PC (Windows 7 x64)
      This PC can download pk3 files from my local server out of Xonotic, I mean just HTTP protocol.
    • 2.5 pk3 file isn't downloaded from my server in game. I saw the console on PC(client), it displays "sound/weapons/uzi_fire_custom.wav" is not found." And, machinegun has no-sound in this session(in my server. Of course local game works fine because default sound file is loaded).
    • 2.6 Next, I assigned 'uzi_fire_custom.wav' to sv_curls_serverpackages and restart server, but not changed...

  3. Even if PC could download hoge.pk3 from my server,
    • 3.1 The directory to save downloaded pk3 files is dlcache, so I suppose that PC could download hoge.pk3, and I put hoge.pk3 into dlcache directory.
    • 3.2 And then, I tried to connect to my server. However, custom sound 'uzi_fire_custom.ogg' is not loaded.

  1. Why the pk3 file can't be downloaded?
  2. Even if pk3 file can be downloaded, game cannot load sound files dlcache directory?
I want some advices: point my mistakes or any other solutions...

I'm sorry my noob English and dirty sentences...
Thank you.

You need to add to your pk3 a file, named like


The file must not be empty, otherwise its exact content does not matter. Like, name your readme file that. When doing that, you don't need sv_curl_serverpackages.

Assume you do not want to go this route, and actually WANT sv_curl_serverpackages. Then you'd have to put in sound/weapons/uzi_fire_custom.wav in there, not just uzi_fire_custom.wav.
BRLOGENSHFEGLE (core dumped)

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Thank you so much, divVarent! I could set up!

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