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I made next quick map from recrate family, recreation of old map greatwall, i hope it will have more exciting gameplay than original map, and still support these fast, long range jumpads of old one that so many ppl loved

its only for overkill and maybe for minstagib, i didnt put any items there, this map wont work with normal weapons anyway

map also have my skybox, its heavily distorted, i have no idea how to make perfect hand painted skybox, this one was converted from very wide image, but its obviously not a way to do this

[Image: ib22a4h30plrbqld1tw_thumb.jpg]
[Image: 7zdbfqleis1xpjcxd7s_thumb.jpg]
[Image: oz6wy20723wl04duxjh4_thumb.jpg]

here is d/l link

I dont know why it have so crappy screenshots on autobuild server O.o

looks awesome! Smile but haven't played it, yet!
[Image: 788.png]

I looked at screenshots before reading the text and I was like: OMFG THAT SKYBOX IS AWESOME!

It just looks awesome.

Brilliant map, Morphi! Great to move around it gaining impressive speed. I'm overwhelmed! Your works as always rly good.

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