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"Xonotic/Space" Theme

Well, I was fooling around in GIMP for a few hours and I came up with this theme to replace the fugly one we currently have as default....



It's very "space-y" because I believe Xonotic will be going into a "Galactic" direction. Basically, I tweaked it off of sev's WickedBlue theme for a Xonotic fit. Below is a zip of the theme if you wanna tweak it. If not, tell me what I can do to make it better Smile

UPDATE: Using different borders (at esteel's request)
UPDATE: Accredited NASA (at Spyroviper's request)
UPDATE: Changed the ingame background (at my own request)
UPDATE: Changed the tan to a red color (at esteel's request)
UPDATE: Using Sev's window borders (at everyone's request)

That's a nice theme!
Now let's see what the team will think of it!
Thanks to the devs!
PM me if you need something... I'll be happy to help for any translation work needed...

definitely more suiting than the current theme in trunk :-P

i want to see that theme in the release!

Love it!

It does look purdy =) I liked it better than the Sci-Fi themes.

yes, we need moar space , always.
S P A C E.
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Jizzed in my pants

Woah, very nice! Would like to see it in the game. Smile

(04-06-2010, 03:23 AM)Exitium Wrote: Jizzed in my pants

It really is that good! Tongue

That picture is a NASA photo though, right? Is it possible to license it as GPL2? If not, it can't be included in the game.. Though i'd love to, as the picture is awesome and the theme very nice all in all.
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It does look familiar..

I'm sure there is a talented artist or two here that can knock up a space theme.

I like the theme, nice contrast and seems to fit the Xonotic logo. But maybe you can try to make the buttons more similar to the logo by having a lighter border just as the letters on the logo?
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Thats it! It's the pillars of creation. Which I believe, is under copyright by NASA (as are most of their images). You could either obtain permission for use within GPL2 license terms, or you would need to find (or make) a similar image.

I heard they were GPL'd by someone for use.... Ask MaKR. If not, I can always find another one thats GPL'd.

Esteel, thanks for the idea. I'll get that done when I get home ^.^

Here we go:

Apparently they are free for use (images) for non commercial use, but you must acknoledge that they came from NASA.

There are way to many licenses for me to keep track of lol!

Nice one moo it looks awesome.

Cool, Spyroviper. I'll put a marking on the image at the bottom:

Space Image provided by NASA

And Esteel, I'm working on the borders as we speak Smile

This is just a suggestion...

How about multiple pictures (about 5-8 different pictures, of course, with the similar space theme) which change around every 5 seconds as some kind on "slideshow"? But, every picture move a bit around a screen. Somehow like this (but not so big movement):

I don't mind if you don't like this suggestion (or it isn't possible to actualise) - this is awesome too. Smile

Well, actually..... I think that's more of a code deal. If not, someone else can make a slide show, there are a few (about 7) other images from NASA that look this sexy.
Ok, the new version is uploaded! Check it out in the first post Smile

This can serve us well until we get the new community menu working, which might take a while.

nice! the space theme looks great! (maybe a litte too bright... white area on the lower right...)
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I really love the changes you made. Thanks for listening to that idea of mine Wink. IMO it now fits the logo really well. An other (little) maybe to get even more similar to the logo the button highlight could become more reddish like the phoenix but i'm not sure how well that would work with the contrast.
Great theme otherwise! I just think using images from Nasa that are free for use in non-commercial products is not GPL compatible, so we would need to find GPL compatible ones.
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WOW! that looks nice.

but I don't like the second one.

Second one? You realize thats a screenshot from ingame, with some random map loaded? Wink Its NOT the menu background.
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