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Client fails to connect to server Crypto_DecryptPacket Failed?


I'm running server 0.5.0 and clients GIT and 0.5.0 stock and I'm getting a bunch of problems connecting to my 0.5.0 server.

When I try to connect on Xonotic Git and 0.5.0 client I see the client attempt to connect to server and then it (the client) just sits there and eventually drops from server. Server console says this crud:

Authenticated connection to x.x.x.x:41152 has been established: client is gbLgzXelYOW7alklaew5tplHpoFo+BmhAMo=@Xon//Ks, I am -@-
Crypto_DecryptPacket failed (not enough space: 9 bytes in, 65575 bytes out)
Crypto_DecryptPacket failed (not enough space: 9 bytes in, 65575 bytes out)
Crypto_DecryptPacket failed (not enough space: 9 bytes in, 65575 bytes out)
Client "unconnected" connection timed out
Client "unconnected" dropped
Authenticated connection to x.x.x.x:34604 has been established: client is gbLgzXelYOW7FasdfadfasplHpoFo+BmhAMo=@Xon//Ks, I am -@-
Client "unconnected" connection timed out
Client "unconnected" dropped
Saving persistent data...
url_fclose: failure in crypto_uri_postbuf

Any ideas on further investigations in to this?

I'm a bit lost with your versions, is that when the client is 0.5.0 and the server is git? They aren't very compatible anymore, we'll need a new release to fix that.

(Sorry, this isn't very helpful, maybe there are workarounds for your specific issue but I'm not really informed about that)

This MAY be caused by a rare case of packet delay/loss. Does it happen every time?

Also, from the messages, the "I am -@-" is likely a problem. Can you post output of "crypto_keys" on the server?
BRLOGENSHFEGLE (core dumped)

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I think I had a few buggy maps which were causing the issue. I've removed them and did a fs_rescan on the console and I'm all set.


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