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[SUGGESTION] A new FAQ (but for suggestions)?

I was just wondering, instead of people searching for suggestions and ideas all over the forums, how about having just a single thread which covers all of the frequently suggested topics.

Something a bit like my suggestions (which I can easily edit), which could end up here.

What do you guys reckon? Smile

Way to disorganized. people will be commenting on the suggestions in no order.

If you want a static list of suggestions then maybe, but it can't be a open fourm post unless you want a clusterfuck.

Good point. Would probably make into a static thread. Not sure though...

Big Grin 
Hmm it would be useful to have some way of managing the suggestions at least for those who have anything to do with trying to implement them. However as an alternative to a single thread for all suggestions, I agree with s1lencer it would get disorganized, some sort of suggestion tree rather like a family tree might be an alternative.

"Root" being xonotic in general, "major branches" being major areas e.g. textures, animation, gameplay etc... then "minor" branches i.e. the actual player suggestions themselves. Essentially if a player has a suggestion about something that idea would be classified as a minor branch.

Similar suggestions would therefore be found in an immediate periphery of similar "minor branches" all joined by the "major branch" and thereby making the scope of possible areas of alteration a bit more comprehendible.

For instance, if I was to suggest an alteration to the graphical interface of xonotic I would go to "major branch" = interface then onto perhaps a sub branch where all suggestions regarding the subject are collated together but with separate threads for each one thus.

I´m mainly thinking about this with the idea that programmers/developers/contributors can have an easy source of reference and hopefully decreasing the chances of multiple threads of the same suggestion.

But thanks rocknroll237 without this thread I wouldn´t have thought that all up Smile

I have no idea as to how this tree diagram would be made I just have used them and they seem very useful when searching for things online. Smile

We have a dev tracker for formal feature requests. If you want to discuss stuff in a tree fashion in this forum, enable tree view: "threaded mode" at the top of a topic.

Thanks Mr. Bougo I was thinking more of a more literal take on the family tree format. I mean as a diagram similar to hereditary tree map if amyone´s ever seen one of those.

I don't get it, do you want to marry posts and have them have children? How do you structure discussion as a family tree?

Sorry if i haven´t made myself clear. suggestions are grouped into catagories under a a particular topic, the same as the foums use now. However the visual format used would be that of a family tree diagram or some visual equivalant, there are quite a few designs out there, making it easier to find a particular suggestion thread. rather like how skyrim does it if you want a more obvious example.

discussion would remain under the initial suggestion like the layout used currently i guess. its not something i have difficulty with when trying to find particular posts unless its a REALLY LONG thread.

I never played skyrim.

And, do you mean a tree? In a family tree, nodes usually have two parents, I don't think you can structure discussion if each suggestion needs exactly two parents.

A simple shallow tree structuring would be to add categories to the suggestion forum, wouldn't that be enough? I really don't understand what you have in mind with tree structures, those things can be infinitely deep and messy.

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