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Hi there

I've been playing for a couple of weeks now so I figure I should introduce myself. I go by either 'soorkedy' or 'srkdy'. I'm not sure which one I want to use going forward, but I'm leaning towards srkdy.

Anyways, I'm a 24 year old Canadian. I used to play a ton of Quakelive back in 09-10 (!profile/statistics/soorkedy ) but I slowly lost interest in the CTF community. I plan to play mostly duel in Xonotic, as I played a bit of ql duel with friends but it was mostly just messing around and I never really got anywhere with it. I love the gameplay of a 1v1 match and I've enjoyed it in Xonotic so far. I still have much to learn but I feel like I've been improving every day that I play.

I have a youtube account where I upload videos of the games that I play. I have a moderate-to-severe stutter so I don't do commentary, just pure gameplay. I already have a couple of Xonotic videos up there so search for soorkedy on youtube if you want to see me lose!

hey hey, good to see another NA player, finally something is happening there, i hope you will stay with us for good srkdy Smile
(btw i also prefer srkdy over soorkedy)
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Welcome to Xonotic!

I can recommend you joining #xonotic.pickup @quakenet, if you want to find yourself some players to duel Smile

Welcome to Xonotic!

Hi srkdy, nice to see you're sticking around =)

You'll definitely meet better duelers than me, tho I'm flattered that you thought I was good.

Btw I hang out on #xonotic.pickup @quakenet like most duelers, but unfortunately there is not a lot from NA. I always get the feeling there is quite a few NA players interested in duels but they don't hang out on irc so matches are hard to come by, it's almost always by accident that I see somebody on NA duel servers hehe. Really wish more of us would use the pickup channel, so if you use irc, come say hi Wink

Anyway, welcome!

Thanks for the welcomes Smile

I have now downloaded mirc and joined #xonotic.pickup. It's a shame that there aren't more people in NA yet. It's a fantastic game and I hope that more people will find out about it. I have gotten a couple of friends to play this game with me and they've enjoyed it as well.

I found out about Xonotic by reading an article on Illfonic's Nexuiz and in the comments somebody mentioned Xonotic. I had known about Nexuiz in the past and knew of what went down, but I had never actually played the original game and was unaware of this game. So I checked it out and here I am, happily being fragged in the most spectacular ways yet. I love the guided rockets, the fast weapon switches, the movement, and the simplified timing (among other things). Smile

(@kuniu the frogg - then it's settled, I'll change my name back to srkdy ingame as soon as I'm back online!)

welcome to nexuiz´s younger hotter sister, xonotic(a) Smile

Welcome to Xonotic!
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