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Frag of the Month - March 2012

Got a nice one this time and wished to share.

Hopefully I wont be the only participant this month ;-)

My Link

Edit: Now with Youtube inside

P.s.: Didnt upload it to Omp because of getting 50% "You are a Trad" messages. :/
[Image: Sigsig.jpg]


(03-21-2012, 01:45 PM)omploader Wrote: "You are a Trad"
Hey, someone share the same opinion like I do!

But as mentioned several times, it WAS awesome indeed... really well done Sless, you trad
[Image: signature.php] [Image: DVlpo.png]

My entry is no where near as good as your frag Sless, but I'm putting it out there anyway! My aim has been steadily improving since I started playing this game but 'austom frags' are still very rare for me. I have had a few decent ones that have been lost in my mountain of demos from this month, so when I made this one I made a mental note to record it for this thread. Smile


Downloading Sless's frag now, I got it before but didn't save it so for some reason it would not play. srkdy has said on IRC and your youtube video really nice frag there!
[Image: 542.png]

#deathmatchers @


Because I used to be or am (I never officialy resigned) a member of Dear Clan I´m gonna say nice death Soelen! The way you skillfully threw yourself into his nex shot was fantastic! KUDOS!!

I got a good frag the other day and wanted to share it here, its not the best of frags but hopefully my charming personality will get me enough votes Smile

My Link
[Image: 1328.png]

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