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Here's some eggs for ya.

[Image: tZGFpYQ]
(08-10-2012, 02:37 AM)Mr. Bougo Wrote: Cloud is the new Web 2.0. It makes no damn sense to me.

Did you rendered this image?

Happy easter to you too buddy
[Image: signature.php] [Image: DVlpo.png]

Yeah. Set up, modelled and rendered it within half an hour.
(08-10-2012, 02:37 AM)Mr. Bougo Wrote: Cloud is the new Web 2.0. It makes no damn sense to me.

Nice. Well, Happy Easter to all. Tongue

Happy Easter all!
[Image: 561.png]
"One should strive to achieve; not sit in bitter regret."

sure hope those arn't gak eggs

late ... happy easter

lets hope its not a digital egg that hatches an evil digimon.

Slow down Danny! You'll have as many posts as Lee Sticklin soon enough!

lol I just realised I had 4 stars sweet! nah but in all seriousness I had been awake for almost 40 hours probably and I was getting a little light headed and had had an adrenaline rush so I went overboard with the posts. Though in future I WILL try to find old posts that I think are relevant now and post on them just to get them some attention if they do have any current relevance to them as of now.

Oh and thanks for the eggs

* chooksta is tired from production , notes the f,,king bunny delivers them for twice the wage

happy easter...

Big Grin



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