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[NEEDS INFO] Hard FPS drops while having 2 cpus active

Hi guys,

I got a strange error which I can reproduce but I do not have a solution for that. My desktop system has 2 Intel Xeon cpus hyperthreaded running with Gentoo X86_84. So in fact there are 16 cores active.

When I play Xonotic with that configuration, I have every time, when I shoot or someone got fragged in my view, a huge FPS-drop from 300 to 70 or sth. like that. This results in a giantic lag so that the game is unplayable.

If I disable one cpu in the BIOS, there are no such problems, everything works fine.

Maybe somebody of you has a hint for me? I 'd be very grateful.


just guessing here ... try loweing your particle effects really low (or off) and turn off gibs ... does that help?

I don't know anything about cpus ... but narrowing the issue to a single effect might help

Try to disable sound as well: start xonotic with the -nosound commandline parameter.
EDIT: that's the only part of xonotic that's multithreaded so it might be worth giving this a shot?

I vaguely remember someone having this issue a while ago, in nexuiz perhaps. Hm.

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