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Xonotic: CTF Guide (by fisume)

Xonotic CTF Guide (by [Image: denvk66.png] fisume^)
[Image: linexh3cpn.png]

[Image: ctf_guide_banneryoj56.png]

[Image: linexh3cpn.png]


1. What to expect?
2. Team Communication
3. Roles
---3.1 Defender
------3.1.1 Flagroom Defender
------3.1.2 Midfield Defender
---3.2 Midfielder
---3.3 Attacker
------3.3.1 The Flagrunner
------3.3.2 The Supporter
4. Map Strategies
---4.1 Apace
---4.2 Attic
---4.3 Like Spinning Plates (mikectf2)
---4.4 Moonstone
5. Additional Resources
---5.1 Guides
---5.2 VoDs / Movies
---5.3 Demos
6. Closing Words

[Image: linexh3cpn.png]

1. What to expect?

I've written the following guide with the aim to give anyone interested in Capture the Flag (or CTF for short) a general insight into how the gamemode is supposed to be played, what criteria should be considered for certain situations and which decisions to make to be (hopefully) successful in the end. Please note that this guide already implies a certain knowledge of the game. I won't go too much into the basics. In fact, I would rather like to lay the focus on providing personal tactics and strategies which I've developed after more than 5 years of CTF experience. Those will hopefully help you (and your team) to enhance your CTF skills to the next level.

However, if you are looking for a guide that lays emphasis on a very general explanation of the game, [Image: denvk66.png] Halogene`s "Basic basics, or what I wish someone had told me half a year ago" will most likely fulfil your needs.

Please bear in mind that the following guide is focusing on 5on5 Capture the Flag, which is the most popular variety of this gamemode in Xonotic. It is also designed for players that want to lay stress on competitive and tactical gameplay in clanwars for example. However, you can apply all following principles in pickup games, even public servers, aswell.

[Image: linexh3cpn.png]

2. Team Communication

Capture the Flag is a team-based gamemode. Therefore, you won't get anywhere if you don’t work together. Playing a deathmatch style game by only relying on high individual skills may lead you (to an extent) to success in a public match against lower tier players. However, in a clanwar (or any match versus trained CTF teams), you won’t stand a chance with that behaviour. The basis for a successful team-oriented gameplay is the communication among each other.

Now, often top teams use voice communication on that account. Another possibility, which is quite often preferred by pickup players, is the use of in-game binds. Binds can be very useful in a game, even in public matches.
Although Xonotic has several default binds included on it's shipped release, you will want to make sure that you customize them to your preference. I listed in the following the most important binds that should be used for CTF. Note that those are just guidelines. Feel free to customize them as desired.

• bind X "say_team ^2Defending ^7(^1%h ^7| ^2%a^7)" // Defending key
• bind X "say_team ^4Assisting ^7(^1%h^7 | ^2%a^7)" // Roaming key
• bind X "say_team ^1Attacking ^7(^1%h ^7| ^2%a^7)" // Attacking key
• bind X "say_team ^7BASE ^1OVERRUN!!!" // self-explanatory
• bind X "say_team ^5NEED HELP^7! (^9%l^7) (^1%h ^7| ^2%a^7); g_waypointsprite_team_helpme; cmd voice needhelp" // helpful to indicate the need of help (bind makes use of a waypoint aswell)
• bind X "say_team ^1ENEMY SPOTTED! ^7(%y); g_waypointsprite_team_danger_p; cmd voice incoming" // helpful to point out threats (bind makes use of a waypoint aswell)
• bind X "say_team ^5Enemy FC ^1HERE ^7(^3@%y^7); g_waypointsprite_team_here_p; cmd voice seenflag" // useful to indicate the adversarial Flagcarrier location
• bind X "say_team ^2CLEAR^7!" // helpful to indicate a solved problem (such as clearing the base)
• bind X "say_team ^4QUAD ^7SOON!" // powerup notification key

Replace the 'X' with a key of your choice (duh :-P). Placing the keys around your movement ones may help as you do not have to stop moving when pressing them, but it's really up to you. Just try to find the formula you feel most comfortable with. After playing several matches, you’ll probably figure out additional binds that you may find useful (for example, “Flagcarrier High/Low” if you’re a defender). That is totally fine, but try to keep the amount of binds as low as possible since you don't want to learn too many key placements from memory.

In conclusion, you can say that the communication among each other in a team-based gamemode (such as Capture the Flag) is essential for a successful game. Therefore, you should really make use of in-game binds (unless you decide to rely on voice communication).

[Image: linexh3cpn.png]

3. Roles

As mentioned before, CTF is most preferably played 5on5 in Xonotic. As a result, this leads to the standard formation: 2-1-2 (2 defenders, 1 midfielder and 2 attackers). Of course, this formation can / should be altered in respect to different maps and their designed layout, but also regarding your roster (for example, teams with very talented and fast defenders can play with only one defender on certain maps). Now, before getting further into the different formations, let's take a closer look at each role and their tasks. I will also provide some useful advices for every role.

3.1 Defender

How important is the role of the defender in Capture the Flag? [Image: denvk66.png] [CON]Sless, one of the most accomplished defenders in the game, answers this question as follows:

Quote:"It's essential to do what you're assigned to. Defending the flag, preventing the enemy team to score is as important as to attack and capture the flag. When playing against a stronger team, your job is definitely the hardest at field."

Solid Defence is clearly the key to victory in CTF. The basic mistake most people make is thinking that defence is only about aim. I've seen many good TDM / 1on1 players with nice aim that were assigned to defend the base in CTF, precisely because of their good aim. This particular persons were very easy to defeat on numerous games. Your role is NOT to frag people, it is to prevent captures, frags are just a bi-product. Inexperienced defenders will often chase retreating attackers, abandoning their defensive position.

So if it's not aim, what is important? First of all, good teamplay and communication between defenders is required! Knowing your partner in the defence (by playing numerous games with him for example) helps alot, since you will often know how he is going to play in certain situations and you will be therefore able to adapt to his decisions.

As a defender, one of your most important tasks is not to get fooled by the enemy. Getting the kill against an enemy attacker will most likely be not hard, since you have at least one partner with you all the time. The greatest risk is rather a smart enemy that tries to fool you by faking a flagcarrying route for example. So how should a defence be build up to be efficient?

A good defence is normally split into 2 different defenders: a flagroom defender, whose main task it is (you won't believe it) to guard the flagroom most of the time, and a midfield (forward) defender, who should try to neutralise any possible threats from the midfield already. Let's take a closer look at both defenders.

3.1.1 Flagroom Defender

The main task of the flagroom defender is, as aforementioned, to guard his flagroom most of the time. Make sure that you always have a decent stack and that you are around the flag all the time, don't leave it alone. If there's a 100 Armor pickup in your base, take it, it's yours. It will also be your (or your defence partner`s) task to time this armor (remember: respawn time is currently set to 30 seconds). This is important, because enemy attackers could charge your base and get an additional high stack with the 100 Armor.

Accept that you simply CANNOT stop all flag carriers and do not chase if they get out of reach. Concentrate on securing your base and leave it to your teammates to intercept. If your base is lost, your flag will just get stolen again after it is returned. When the flag is out, let someone (preferably your defence partner or the midfield player) who is closer to the Enemy Flag Carrier (EFC for short) follow him - there's no point in running through the whole map just to see the enemy cap - it's better to secure the base before the enemy gains control of it (it would enable him to get a cheap grab of the next flag). It is also crucial to have a secured base when your Flag Carrier (FC) is about to come in, so make sure the enemy stays out.

Another task is to inform the rest of the team about which route the EFC used, so your defence partner and the midfield player can react to it and recover the flag quickly. Voice communication is useful in this case, however in-game binds do the job aswell (see segment 2).

If there is a crosscap situation (this means that both teams have the enemy flag), your role switches from defending the flag spot, to defending your flag carrier. It is pointless to guard the empty flag spot as enemies won't go there, they will be trying to frag your flag carrier. You should also try to stand close to your flag carrier most of the time so you can quickly take the dropped flag if he gets killed.

You should also always expect the unexpected. Sometimes the enemy team will try to overrun your base with a 3-4 man group-attack. Communication among your team will be needed badly in such situations.

Another tip: a good weapon for slowing down the EFC is the Crylink. Try it out in your next match to see it's helpful power in action.

3.1.2 Midfield (forward) Defender

The main task of the midfield defender is to secure the middle, so you are able to escort your flag carrier when needed or to intercept potential EFCs. Good opponents will try to intercept your flag carrier at the middle of the map.
This means there will often be attacks while your team has the flag. In this situation you should push forward instead of idling back in the base and hold back the enemy attackers. Note that the midfield player can help you out when needed.
If you get overrun by numerous opponents, fall back to your base and help out your defence partner with keeping the base clean until the threat is averted.

It will also be your task to help securing powerups (IF they are respawning in the middle of the map, example: ctf_attic).

In conclusion, you can say that a solid defence is the key to victory in Capture the Flag. A good defender doesn't necessarily need incredible aiming skills. No, it's important that both defenders keep a good teamplay and communication among each other. They need to be able to analyze possible strategies of their opponents so that they are always one step ahead. I repeat again, it's NOT their task to frag people, it is to prevent captures and to keep their base clean.
When you play as defender you are the base upon which your team is build. You are the backbone of the team.

The Defender: a perfect analyzer of situations, organiser and unbreakable wall, that makes the enemy attackers go insane.

3.2 Midfielder

As I mentioned early in this guide, CTF is most preferably played 5on5 in Xonotic. This leads to one additional role: the midfielder. The role of the midfielder is a very hard one, thus only experienced players should adapt it.
As a midfielder, your primary task is to hold the middle of a map tight, you need to be the 'midfield maestro' so to speak. You need to control mid so your attackers have an easier time preparing their attacks and capturing the enemy flag. It will also be your task to support both attack and defence whenever they need additional support. As a consequence, your task could be to help supporting the friendly FC until he reaches the base. Another situation could be the incoming EFC that needs to be fragged in mid before he manages to cross it. You will need to analyze the current match situation and act to it. If you see that your attackers cannot manage to grab the enemy flag, you should support them.
In this particular situation, you could for example fake an attack to distract the adversarial defence so that your attackers can get the flag easier.

As a midfielder, it will also be your task to time all powerups. It will often be you who takes it, therefore you should always try to get a decent stack before the powerup respawns (note: powerups respawn every 120 seconds).
Good aiming skills are urgently required, since it will be you who will need to deal the most damage. You always have to keep pressure on your opponent, never let them get control of mid. You also need fast movement abilities, since you will often need to change your position. A perfect midfielder is capable of determining the pace of a game.

Another job is to handle most items around the map. "Handle" means informing your team members of free items so they can stack up for defending and attacking. A very experienced midfielder can function as 'coach'. This means, he times all important items and informs his team members of the respawn times. He also reacts to every situation of the match and informs his other team members of the next steps and possible strategies.

Being a midfielder is a hard job but you are the fail-safe of your team. Your team mates would have a way harder job without you.

The Midfielder: a very experienced allrounder, who is able to determine the pace of the game, to time every main item of the map to perfection, and to analyze every situation and quickly react to it with possible strategies and future steps.

3.3 Attacker

First of all, there are two different types of attackers (two roles so to speak): the actual flagrunner and a supporter. Let's take a quick look at each one of them.

3.3.1 The Flagrunner

The Flagrunner runs the flag, as the name implies :-P. Capturing the flag is your only goal, and you need to make it happen at any possible cost. This requires sometimes a rush-fastcap, and other times a slower tactical approach.
The Flagrunner needs to restack himself as often as possible and should keep returning to the enemy base all time, trying to keep the pressure high this way. It's important that the flagrunner never stops trying; patience is the key of this role. Good movement and route-knowledge is essential for the flagrunner! As flagrunner, you also need to be smart. Fooling the enemy defence with a fake attack or a bait (preferably the midfield player or your atacking partner) can lead to an easy flag pick and therefore a capture. You should try to use different ways to attack from time to time.

Your primary role is to bring the flag home so don't chase enemys in your own base or mid. If you frag an enemy attacker he will just respawn in front of you and you'll have to deal with him again.
By all means shoot at people, but keep moving towards the enemy base, don't stop or turn around. Ignore irrelevant enemies when you are carrying the flag and don't worry too much about enemies BEHIND you, let your team mates handle those.
Apropos team mates, you should often try to organize a team-attack with your attacking partner and the midfield player. Going alone for the cap won't work in most cases. The only case in which it does are crosscap situations. If your opponent is going for a group-attack and actually manages to get your flag, it's at the same time a good opportunity for you to quickly take the enemy flag and try to bring it home safely. Again, team communication is the key here.
The flagroom defender needs to inform you of the EFC position so that you don't run into them when crossing mid.

Speed is the key for a successful flagrunner. In Xonotic, you can gain good speed by laserjumping against the walls or the ground, or of course (if your stack is high enough) by using rocketjumps.
If you are the flagcarrier, try different routes of escaping. Again, try to fool the enemy defence! Let's say, for example, if you escape low, you should know that the defender will tell his team “flag going low”. So you can expect a couple of enemies waiting for you there (if their team is any decent Tongue). Now, as flag carrier, it is your job to fool the enemy, so if you rocketjump to top before getting to mid (f.ex.), the enemy will be delayed by a couple of seconds. Enough for you to go through mid on most maps.

Also, if you are going to be an attacker, a good idea for training is to start a practice match, with no bots. Then, try capturing the flag using different routes, and try to set a time record for capping for each route. For example, try capping without rocketjumps, then capping by rj’ing, trying to cap fast with laser, etc. This training process is very useful and should be taken notice of if you want to become more efficient as attacker.

But, at the end of the day, nobody can capture the flag alone if the enemy defenders know what they do; flagrunners need someone to attack with them, to support them. This is where the role of the supporter comes into play.

3.3.2 The Supporter

The supporter has the main task to distract and hopefully kill the opponents, making it easier for flagrunner to capture the flag. Sneak in (again, team communication is essential), get the enemies attention on you and try to inflict some damage on them. With good timing, your team mate will be able to grab the flag and the enemy won't even notice it. Be sure to grab some stuff on your way to enemy base, so you can disturb them for a longer time period instead of just getting killed in two shots.

When entering enemy base, let the attacker with lower hp/armour enter first. If you’re stacked, you want to be the stacked flag carrier. If you enter first while stacked, you’ll lose hp/armour and your attack won’t be as effective.
Do NOT take the flag when you are on 5hp and you have a team mate right next to you who is having a massive stack.
The supporter should escort the flagcarrier ALL THE WAY BACK. There are so many people who just don’t escort. They see the flag taken by their team mate, and instead of escorting, they stay at the enemy base. As a consequence, your FC will die, you will get the flag, but then chances are very high that you’re gonna die too. Teamplay is the key to success.

If the enemy defence is really unbreakable, try to get a very high stack and make a group-attack with the next powerup. The quad for example allows you to wipe out the entire enemy team, because it gives you 3x damage as usual. The shield powerup is also very useful since it allows you to soak up 75% damage for 30 seconds.

The Attacker: a very fast player who is capable of fooling the enemy defence at his leisure and therefore get the precious flag captures for his team.

[Image: linexh3cpn.png]

4. Map Strategies

4.1 Apace (download)

[Image: apace_previewnxkj0.png]

-> symmetrical, medium-sized arena
-> viable capture time: 10 seconds
-> main items: 100 Armor (1 each base), Mega Health (1 each base)
-> powerups: QUAD (1)

Defender tips:

There are 3 possible entrances on Apace: the 100 Armor chamber, the Nexrifle - Megahealth corridor and the main hall that is connected to mid. As we learned earlier, defence should be split into 2 defenders: a flagroom defender and a midfield one. The flagroom defender should stay on the flag spot since he has a overview of all 3 possible entrances this way. The nexrifle is a very useful weapon in this regard, because you will be able to deal a good amount of damage to possible enemys from a quite safe spot. It will be his task to time the 100 Armor that is located on the left of the base. (Note: first 100 armor should always be the flagroom defenders. After he has a solid stack, 100 Armor should be left for the attackers). The flagroom defender is supposed to stay in the base, no matter what. He is NOT allowed to go to mid if a powerup is about to spawn. If the flag has been taken, it is essential that the flagroom defender informs his teammates of the EFC location (see segment 2).

The midfield defender should stay somewhere around the rocketlauncher in order to be able to spot any possible incoming enemy attackers. If the midfield defender notices an incoming enemy attacker that couldn't have been stopped, he should immediately inform his defence partner and fall back to help him out.
[Image: apace_midfielddeffqx72.png]

Midfielder tips:

It will be the midfielder`s task to time both, the friendly and enemy Megahealth. The midfielder should even consider stealing the enemy rocketlauncher, as it's a very important weapon in this map. He needs to control the central powerup area aswell. It will be also his job to deal a lot of damage to the opponents. The QUAD powerup is very useful on apace and it's therefore urgently necessary to time it. When taken, the midfielder should try to go right into the enemy base and kill as many opponents as possible, giving his attackers the opportunity to grab the enemy flag and hopefully capture it. The midfielder should NOT fall back to his own base when his flag was taken. He should rather stay in mid and wait for his defenders to inform him of the EFC location, so he can neutralize him if necessary. Another important task of the midfielder will be to help out his FCs when their are about to cross mid. Expect a lot of opponents to chase him. It will be his task to kick their ass.

Attacker tips:

Attacking can be done in 2 forms on Apace. You can either try to keep the pressure high with continous flagtakes or try to fool the enemy defence with your attacking partner. If you prefer the 2nd version, you should try several strategies.
One would be to let the supporting attacker rush into the enemy base and try to run with the enemy flag towards the Nexrifle room, while the flagrunner hides near the jumppad in front of the 100 armor room. Hopefully, the supporter will draw the attention of the enemy defence to the Nexrifle room. If they are following him, the flagrunner should get ready for his run. As soon as the supporting attacker has been taken out, the flagrunner should jump up and rockejump away with the enemy flag, going straight through mid where the midfielder can support him.

Apropos Rocketjumping. As mentioned earlier, the rocketlauncher is a very useful weapon on Apace. Simply rushing into the enemy base with a decent stack, trying to rocketjump away through mid surprisingly works out quite often. Reason is, you can gain a lot of speed. Very fast attackers are able to capture the flag in less than 10 seconds on Apace by using rocketjumps.

Also, try out different routes. Faking a run through the 100 Armor room, then laserjumping over mortar towards mid surprisingly works out regularly aswell.

4.2 Attic (download)

[Image: attic_previewgaj26.png]

-> symmetrical, enclosed, large arena
-> viable capture time: 16 seconds
-> main items: 100 Armor (1 each base)
-> powerups: QUAD (1)

Defender tips:

There are 2 good spots for the defenders on Attic. The flagroom defender should stay around the Electro, while the midfield defender should hold the main room with the 100 Armor. With this 2 positions, the defenders are able to stop any possible threats, since they have a look on all 3 base entrances. Now, since Attic is one of the few ctf maps with a rather slow gameplay, both defenders are allowed to go more aggressive if high stacked. This means, they are allowed to help holding mid (one each side), making it easier for their attackers to organize their next step. If the quad connection room is getting overrun by the opponent, the flagroom defender should immediately fall back to his base.
Please note that you should NOT be too often aggressive. Chances are that you get overrun by numerous enemys, allowing them to enter your base quite easy.

[Image: previewpic_atticr2jje.png]

The 100 Armor should be saved for the attackers, because the defenders can get a decent stack with the armor shards (30/30 additional stack near the flag, + 35 armor stack with the shards near Electro) aswell.

Midfielder tips:

There isn't any good position for the midfielder on Attic. He should try to deal damage to the opponent by controlling their quad corridor, making it impossible for their attackers to cross mid. The quad powerup is essential on Attic.
Sometimes your attackers won't be able to get the enemy flag because of a very defensive formation from the enemy. The quad will allow the midfielder to wipe out the entire enemy team quite easily by taking the Electro corridor route.
This will make it much easier for the attackers to get the flag. Therefore, powerup timing will be even more important than usual on this specific map. It will be also the midfielder`s task to stop EFCs if they were able to get out of your base. Therefore, the midfielder should always try to stay around the quad area.

Attacker tips:

Attacking on Attic is really difficult against a proper enemy defence. Because of this, organized group attacks should be considered as often as possible. The attackers should never attack on their own, they will just get fragged easily by the enemy flagdefender. In fact, the attackers should always try to attack with a 3-man squad, giving their midfielder the opportunity to deal good damage on the enemy defence. If the flag has been taken, make use of the rocketlauncher and rocketjump through the electro corridor. It will be the easiest route.

Against top class defenders you will have no other choice than going for the powerup attacks. Those have a much higher success rate on Attic.

4.3 Like Spinning Plates (download)

[Image: like-spinning-plates_n7kfj.png]

-> symmetrical, industrial, large arena
-> viable capture time: 16 seconds
-> main items: 100 Armor (1 at mid), Mega Health (1 each base), 50 Armor (2x each base)
-> powerups: QUAD (1)

Defender tips:

Defence should again be split as usual on Like Spinning Plates. The flagroom defender should stay around the flag. He should defend the entrances from the upper level, that way its easier to cause splash damage to attackers coming from the side entraces. Those can also be heared when taking the armor shards in the entrances so noone from your team should pick them up but leave them as bait for incoming attackers.

It will be the flagroom defender`s task to time both 50 armors in the base. The Megahealth should be timed by one of the teammates, preferably the 2nd defender or the midfielder. Teamplay will be even more important than usual on this specific map. The flagroom defender MUST be informed about possible threats and their route by the other teammembers. The midfield defender shouldn't be too offensive. He should rather try to stay with the midfielder at mid, try to deal some damage with the nexrifle from a save distance and immediately fall back to his base if an enemy attacker crossed it. It will be important to react quick in this situations.

Midfielder tips:

The midfielder will have to control the 100 Armor center. He cannot allow the opponent to gain control of this room. He should even try to steal the enemy Megahealth and 50 armor, while dealing as much damage as possible to the enemy defence. Another important task of the midfielder will be to help out his FCs when their are about to cross mid. Expect a lot of opponents to chase him. It will be the midfielder`s task to stop those enemys.

Attacker tips:

The attackers need to organize their attacks in order to succeed. Attacking the enemy base together at the same time will make it impossible for the flagroom defender to stop them. Now, there are 3 routes that can be taken on this specific map: the Megahealth corridor, the Nexrifle room and the straight way through mid (this one shouldn't be considered too often). If the flagrunner stole the enemy flag, let his supporter lead the way.

4.4 Moonstone (download)

[Image: moonstone_preview1jjd8.png]

-> symmetrical, medium-sized battlefield
-> viable capture time: 9 seconds
-> main items: 100 Armor (1 each base), Mega Health (1 each base), 50 Armor (1 each base)
-> powerups: QUAD (1)

Defender tips:

The flagroom defender should try to pick-up a nexrifle in the beginning of the match, as he shouldn't leave his base too often in the heat of the moment. The armor shards in the base will be useful for him, as he will be able to get a +80 armor stack with them. There are also 4x25hps in the base. If the enemy attackers are very fast, you should consider letting the midfield defender help out in the flagroom through the match.

If you however manage to control the mid area quite comfortably, let the forward defender help out the midfielder.

Midfielder tips:

The midfielder needs to control the center of the map. It will be also his task to time the 100 and 50 armor in the base. He shouldn't consider helping the attackers too often. In fact, he should rather stay mid and try to deal as much damage as possible to the enemy. Using the nexrifle is very useful in this case by the way. If the quad powerup has been taken, the midfielder should go directly to the enemy base, making as much trouble as possible so his attackers can grab the enemy flag easily.

Attacker tips:

On moonstone, only one thing is important: pressure! The attackers need to keep going for the enemy flag, trying out different routes and therefore keeping the pressure high on the enemy defence. Laserjumping out through one of the upper corridors (100 Armor corridor or Megahealth corridor) is wiser than going straight through mid.

[Image: linexh3cpn.png]

5. Additional Resources

5.1 Guides

[Image: denvk66.png] Halogene`s "Basic basics"
[Image: denvk66.png] esteel`s CTF Guide
[Image: us6ujtk.png] BootGuyJoe`s QuakeLive CTF Beginner Tutorial

5.2 VoDs / Movies

5.3 Demos

[Image: denvk66.png] fisume^: Apace (midfielder) - [Download]
[Image: denvk66.png] fisume^: Attic (midfielder) - [Download]
[Image: denvk66.png] [BOT]Mirio: Attic (defender) - [Download]
[Image: denvk66.png] [BOT]Mirio: Like Spinning Plates (midfield defender) - [Download]
[Image: gbv1k53.png] DMs||kojn^: Moonstone (attacker) - [Download]

[Image: linexh3cpn.png]

6. Closing Words

Well done, you made it through the whole guide! I know, this is a lot of theory right there, but it will be definitely helpful for you. Don't forget that my advices on the tasks and roles are only guidelines, of course you still need to use your wit and adapt to each situation on your own. I just hope that these guidelines will help you (and your team) to enhance your CTF skills to the next level. CTF is a great gamemode and I saw many players on the pub that have the potential to become a good flagaholic :-)

The only thing left for me to say is: play! Join the official pickup channel (#xonotic.pickup), add up for CTF and prepare for some nice Capture the Flag action! I will see you in the arena.

- [Image: denvk66.png] fisume^

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<Samual> I am the most unprofessional developer ever
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<Halogene> I didn't know mappers include some mysterious waypoints so members of the BOT clan can navigate a map?
<divVerent> if you don't pay for a premium account, your movement speed is limited to 100qu/s

Just flicked over the guide, but it looks like there's a lot of content in there, so good job must of taken some time, some things I would and wouldn't agree with but I guess it's preference, overall looks good Smile

Slightly off/on topic, but the movie I made does show a few (3) team-captures so could be a good watch for player's to see some actual team-work in action.
[Image: 542.png]

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jk, nice job -- there will be some things to change later on, but I can even do that for you later if you want. Again, very nice work... I really like all the sexy images and coloring you did too, this is probably the best looking post i've ever seen on the forums.

Um, wait. What's this with the changes in gameplay? That's not how refactoring is supposed to work.

Sticky this already!

nice one fisume. thumbs up and + 1!

oO Amazing article!
[Image: 561.png]
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