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Mapping Tutorials

Yep. If it's just personal writing style, dots are sort of bearable in standard random posts, but look very unprofessional in tutorials and other texts that should be a bit more, ummm, formal, for the lack of better word.

yes ... i am aware of that ... that is why I said it needs a lot of polish ... I'm also going to add screenshots to points that need them ...

Is this one better punctuation and english wise?

Looking good so far Hutty! Keep up the good work!

Much better. Smile

I guess I can proofread if it gets to a point where it's useful within the next month and a half. I've never really mapped.


cleaned up grammer --
simplified it --
turned ... into ,
threw away the silly ranking system

some of it was re-written entirely


anyways ... it should look more like a tutorial ... and less like one of my forum posts now...

I am now taking votes on what texture pack to do the "first room" part of the tutorial in ...
If noone cares I will fall back to trak5x

"magic folder" on windows 7 is: C:\Users\YOUR_NAME\Documents\My Games\xonotic\data

I would like to help you, hutty. As I am fairly new to mapping, I can help you with making it understandable to newbies, and give advance on the content... maybee...
[Image: 0_e8735_c58a251e_orig]

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