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Poll: Fox Hunt
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[SUGGESTION] New Game Type: FoxHunt

Seems like a hijacked another thread for a moment there. So how about it? Game type where 1 (or possibly more) players are the 'fox'. The fox has only a quad laser. The other players hunt the 'fox'. They can get whatever weapon the can find. Objective: Kill the fox! The hunter that kills the fox becomes the new 'fox'. If there are more than 1 'fox', they cannot kill each other. Points are: 5+ for killing fox, 3+ for fox killing persuer, 1+ for hunter killing one another. I didn't think there should be a penalty because if a hunter1 gets between fox and hunter2, hunter2 should not be penalized for killing the both of them with one shot.

I like the quad laser idea 8) but I don't think rewarding "team kill" with a point would be good, because then a lot of hunters would start shooting at each other. That would screw the game play idea.

Anyhow, if there's a game type where I can get a quad laser for a reasonable time, I am all for it.
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<ZeRoQL> i think i got 1 proper quad and that cunt halogen fuck me over with a laser

Lacking a better option (namely "I don't care, whoever wants to implement it go ahead"), I had to choose the No one.

Whether a fox model fits the art style is another question, though. The game mode should work with a different model of course.

This Idea seems very similar to the game mode in which a player carried around a ball, and all the other players had to hunt him. The longer you had the ball the more points you gained.
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QUAAAAD LAAAAZ0000RRRR!!!! Only the fox should get points for fragging. The hunters have to get the fox because he has the ANTIDOTE! That's right, they need the fox to survive!
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Rabs is correct. In the way I remembered it. However, I wanted to change it up some and not be a straight rip off (although is ctf across different games a rip off?). Anyways, the model to be used would be a normal one, just lit up with the quad at all times. Maybe the fox should have a little 'haste' too, I'm not sure. But I don't know how to implement it.

It seems that getting points for kills should be only for the fox. The fox's laser should kill a hunter in about 2 or 3 shots. As such, there should be no health on the map. Hunter killing each other = 0 points. Hunter killing fox = 3 points. Fox killing hunter = 5 points. I think flipping the scores for these kills makes it more important to get the fox, and rack up points faster. Games should probably end at 50 points.

Finally, when the fox is killed and his killer becomes the fox, he is given 3-5 seconds of invulnerable time.

Rabs is correct. I coded that gametype. There were two ways to play:
1) Hold the ball as long as possible. (Survival)
2) Kill others while holding the ball.
Also it could use mutators and such to help the ball carrier if wanted rather than playing default.

I like it Smile As I sad in another thread (that rhymed!) - that reminds me the 'Mutant' gametype from UT2k4.
Anyway - I like the idea, and thanks GT_Gene for making a separate thread for it Smile Good luck!
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(04-29-2010, 01:25 PM)DiaboliK Wrote: Rabs is correct. I coded that gametype. There were two ways to play:
1) Hold the ball as long as possible. (Survival)
2) Kill others while holding the ball.

Cool. Was this perhaps for an earlier version of Nexuiz; and/or would that mean it could be added to Xonotic?

I always loved Kill the Man with the Skull. It was great to surprise people by dropping the skull, shooting them, and then grabbing it again. Or, better yet, tossing them the skull, taking advantage of the fact that they couldn't shoot back, wasting them, and then grabbing the skull again.


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