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[SOLVED] Need Hellp to stop script kiddies.....

(10-18-2012, 11:46 AM)Mr. Bougo Wrote: You can look for cvars on your own, too. Just start the xonotic client, open the xonotic terminal (shift escape) and, for example, type this:
apropos fall
This will list every cvar or command that has "fall" in their name or description, along with the current value, default value, and description.

Unfortunately, the fall damage cvars are missing documentation but they do show up.

You can also see a cvar's description by typing the beginning of their name and pressing tab. This will give the same list, for every cvar and command that starts with what you typed. It will also guess the rest of the name of what you're typing as much as it can.

I don't know a lot of cvars myself, so this is what I do when people ask for help. I'm thinking of writing a guide and linking people to it instead.

Thanks that would be awsome.

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