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[QM] Roist

[QM] = Quick map ...

I was bored this afternoon ... and decided to see how far I could get on making a duel map ...
... turns out I could pretty much finish one

space map ... half indoors ...
mostly exx (rusty metal) textures
some patch mesh terrain :3

there a hidden hlac (try to find it without pushing the hlac button)
oh ... and getting the nex is a challenge too


currently available on the Paradox Space duel server


Oh, nice screenie, I'll try it in 10 min! Smile

EDIT: I didnt have to time to play it much, but i tested it, it seems a little bit too big for duels and too many items for that IMO, but I think this works great with FFA. I have to try it more though to give more feedback.

well ... dont worry about it too much ... I spent absolutely no time planning the layout ahead of time ... I just planned it out as I went along

roist0008.pk3 contains roist0007.bsp and roist0008.bsp but only one of them (0008) has .mapinfo and .jpg.

I will try to give proper feedback soon.


I wasen't sure if you saw what I said on irc:

* Less health and armor on the map
* Mortar and RL have to be longer from eachother
* Maybe move MA to the buttom in the RL room or at least make the room it is currently smaller
* Making it a bit smaller, not in scale but maybe remove some platforms or a room.
* Making the HLAC place easier to get into or remove it
* Maybe making it easier or more obvious how to get the Nexgun

That's all, but as it is now I think it would be really fun FFA map! Smile

the map is done quickly so it obviously doesn't look detailed, but the overall aesthetic is really nice, mainly I like it because it makes me nostalgia for the first stages of metroid prime.

some bits don't look good at all or make any sense though.

details here:

#8 noticed there is only one spawn point ...
Would be nice when you change that.

GreetZ Su

yeah ... one I forgot to add more spawns ... Tongue (again)

the loading bay window doesn't make any sense because I made the room with the window first ....


anyways ... seeing as it was just a quick map ... I'll fix the killer bugs ... an then leave it alone

(if someone else like it they can expand upon it)


Looks quite good... and big, I'd say. The styles are also very mixed, but i am not sure if that is bad or good, so it is up to you to make any conclusions.

Also, what does "nepeta" means?

Healthandarmor is very massed and focused... I mean too much of it and too close together. Also too much weapons for such a map. Also, maps with one spawn and no bot waypoints sux.
[Image: 0_e8735_c58a251e_orig]

(11-06-2012, 11:45 AM)aa Wrote: Also, what does "nepeta" means?

It's a troll and also hutty's clan name. Smile

[Image: 4oWAMxbc0U7p7nBq4XYUSI]


[Image: 4LHtsUrRmBM9O9elMyBAKg]

Anyways ... I took it off the server ... rather than fixing it .. I will figure out a "good" duel map layout ... and then use the same style for that ...

It would probably end up similar (gameplay wise) to the yard ... or evilspace

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