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Steam - 'Big Picture' released!

im not saying a dedicated linux distro is easier for the average user (its probably not) ...

but it allows you to make a simple lightweight system that boots up directly to steam (and thus avoiding any need for keyboard and mouse)

although I guess you could acompish a similar thing with windows and mac if you scripted them correctly ...

so ...

yeah ... ignore that logic bite

I don't think this outweighs the fact that you basically have to boot into steam and therefore have it isolated from the rest.

Steam Big Picture is just an alternative UI for Steam that is more controller friendly, that's all there is to it really. Using only a controller you can browse and launch titles from your Steam library (including non-Steam games you might've added), perform a quick Google search in Steam's browser, drop a reply to your steam friends etc, all without getting up from the couch (or whatever mighty throne you are sitting on Wink) or switching to an awkward wireless keyboard/mouse combo in the living room. This works in-game too by pressing the controller's home button. Hooray for laziness!

So WTF would you need a controller for in your PC if you only play Xonotic? Yeah, nothing. But if you have a few non-fast paced FPS games in your library, chances are those would work great with a controller, and Steam Big Picture makes playing those a little more comfortable even if you don't have a giant TV connected to your PC. Plug controller in, find the most comfortable sitting position, hit home button to launch Big Picture mode (Steam can be minimized to tray when you do this) and play your games Smile

Edit: Just to clear this up: There is no streaming of any kind involved. This does not make your Steam PC a server that your living room media center PC can connect to in order to play games, no.
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