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Xonotic build suggestions?

Hey guys, I'm currently trying to build Xonotic under Windows,

I have the latest GIT version , but when I type in ./all compile into the GIT bash (not even sure if that's right) I get C:\Documents and Settings\<Name>\Desktop\xonotic\xonotic\..\ line 72: make: command not found.

For all I know I may not be doing it right.

Any help would be appreciated.

There is already a thread about this topic.

Unfortunatly there isnt a solution yet (at least none I know of)

What I did was this:
* Compile darkplaces with Visual C++ Express and copy resulting exe into main Xonotic directory

* Compile fteqcc with Visual C++ Express
* Copy fteqcc.exe into data/xonotic-data.pk3dir/qcsrc and add file qcc.cfg containing this line:

* Create a batch file in data/xonotic-data.pk3dir/qcscr that will compile all the QuakeC code. It should contain the following:
fteqcc -src menu
fteqcc -src client
fteqcc -src server

* Created batch file in main Xonotic directory to run the game. It should contain this:
darkplaces.exe -nexuiz

Run the batch file to build the QuakeC, then run the batch to play the game. This is how I'm currently building the game on Windows anyway.

magorian, I followed your suggestions, although I didn't compile the fte or darkplaces myself, but simply copied the finished executables. The game launched, but after the Nexuiz logo showed up it took me to the "missing content" menu.

Make sure the darkplaces.exe is sitting alongside the data folder, and your data is actually there. You should have a directory structure like this:

- Xonotic
---- darkplaces.exe
---- run.bat
---- data
------- *.dat (compiled qc files)
------- pk3's and pk3dir's

Thanks for the suggestion, I'll check it out in the weekend (no access to that computer right now)

This is all unnecessary... The ./all script works on windows, you just need the right tools.

From what I can recall (I don't use windows myself):
You need to install mingw and msys (1.0.11 is ok, follow this: , the "previous msys versions" section)
You also need msysgit

msysgit comes with a "git bash" shell. You can use that to git clone git:// inside an empty directory of your choice.
From git bash still, go into the newly checked out xonotic clone, and run ./all update This should download all the content.
You should set the path to the "bin" directory of msysgit inside your PATH environment variable.

Then, in a msys shell, cd into the xonotic git clone and run:
CC=gcc ./all compile

If that works, you can then run xonotic using ./all run

(this is based on my recollections of helping somebody on the irc chan, I'm not sure it's complete... if something fails, feel free to come on #xonotic on quakenet and ask me about it)

@Mr. Bougo: I don't have an IRC client installed atm. Anyway, msysgit is what I already use, that's when the error came up during compile. I have the same exact error as the OP. Not sure about mingw and msys though, wouldn't they be a part of msysgit?

(05-14-2010, 11:31 PM)magorian Wrote: Make sure the darkplaces.exe is sitting alongside the data folder, and your data is actually there. You should have a directory structure like this:

- Xonotic
---- darkplaces.exe
---- run.bat
---- data
------- *.dat (compiled qc files)
------- pk3's and pk3dir's

I noticed I only have pk3dir folders, no .pk3 files in the data root (not sure if this is correct). I also don't have any .dat files, despite having compiled following your directions. I forgot a tiny little detail:
When I use the compile.bat, fteqcc.exe crashes at these intervals, Windows prompting me each time to [ Close program ] before the .bat resumes running.

C:\Users\*username*\xonotic\data\xonotic-data.pk3dir\qcsrc>fteqcc -src menu
Source directory: menu/
Source file: menu/progs.src
outputfile: ../../menu.dat
compiling menu/config.qh
compiling menu/../common/util-pre.qh
compiling menu/msys.qh
compiling menu/mbuiltin.qh
compiling menu/../warpzonelib/mathlib.qh
compiling menu/../common/util.qh
compiling menu/oo/base.h
compiling menu/../common/constants.qh
compiling menu/../common/mapinfo.qh
compiling menu/../common/campaign_common.qh
compiling menu/../common/items.qh

(Here it crashes)

C:\Users\*username*\xonotic\data\xonotic-data.pk3dir\qcsrc>fteqcc -src client
Source directory: client/
Source file: client/progs.src
outputfile: ../../csprogs.dat
compiling client/pre.qh
compiling client/../common/util-pre.qh
compiling client/Defs.qc
compiling client/csqc_constants.qc
compiling client/../common/constants.qh
compiling client/csqc_builtins.qc
compiling client/../warpzonelib/anglestransform.qh
compiling client/../warpzonelib/mathlib.qh
compiling client/../warpzonelib/common.qh
compiling client/../warpzonelib/client.qh
compiling client/../common/util.qh
compiling client/../common/items.qh

(Here it crashes again)

C:\Users\*username*\xonotic\data\xonotic-data.pk3dir\qcsrc>fteqcc -src server
Source directory: server/
Source file: server/progs.src
outputfile: ../../progs.dat
compiling server/../common/util-pre.qh
compiling server/sys.qh
compiling server/pre-builtins.qh
compiling server/builtins.qh
compiling server/extensions.qh
compiling server/post-builtins.qh
compiling server/../warpzonelib/anglestransform.qh
compiling server/../warpzonelib/mathlib.qh
compiling server/../warpzonelib/common.qh
compiling server/../warpzonelib/util_server.qh
compiling server/../warpzonelib/server.qh
compiling server/constants.qh
compiling server/../common/constants.qh
compiling server/../common/util.qh
compiling server/../common/items.qh

(And here it crashes again)

Press any key to continue . . .

My guide is standalone, the instructions above are independant, and IMHO much more complicated than my solution (which was designed for simplicity, after all...)
Just get the dependencies sorted out and run ./all compile from msys, and tell me what you get as a result.

If it doesn't work, you might want to execute this command to clean up files created in previous attempts:
./all each git clean -n -d

I updated the post above, added an easy webchat link to join the chatroom.

Can anyone confirm that the CC=gcc part is really necessary on mingw?

If it is, I can simply integrate that into the ./all compile script.
BRLOGENSHFEGLE (core dumped)

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I still can't get this thing to work. line 76: make: command not found. how do other people compile this thing properly, I'm completely out of the loop

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