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[SUGGESTION] Priority - Better documentation?

I'm wondering whether its a good idea if we should focus on improving the wiki documentation in order to properly consolidate the art style, asset creation guides and streamline the creation process of Xonotic. For example it could be helpful to properly set up a page in order to consolidate map style in terms of location and textures used. The wiki is incredibly outdated in some areas and IRC isn't always busy enough to allow the development to be rapid. However, I just want to know what you think.

I agree, stuff from this thread for example could be put in the wiki:

But I am lazy :p

It's always a good idea. You should talk to Samual about it, he's was working on the wiki recently. Hit him up on irc!

That sounds like a provoktion to "Samual i need help" IRC spamming. To me.
[Image: 0_e8735_c58a251e_orig]

(04-04-2013, 03:55 PM)aa Wrote: That sounds like a provoktion to "Samual i need help" IRC spamming. To me.

Nah. It's more "Samual I want to help you", which I think he would appreciate if you both think you are indeed able to.

I have been updating the mapping part of the wiki

........ very .............. slowly .............
here the tread

(04-04-2013, 08:54 PM)hutty Wrote: I have been updating the mapping part of the wiki

........ very .............. slowly .............
here the tread

By the way, someone wasn't very happy that you ditched the old decent-ish info pages to replace them with unfinished things. You should perhaps work in private pages (i.e. not linked to the main content) and we'll move the pages when they are actually usable.

yeah ... I probably should have done that ...

there is a link to the old page at the bottom of mine (and the french version)
if someone had a problem with it they should have sent me a PM or something

personally I find the old page quite misleading/outdated in regards to downloading radiant and such
although some of the info about what not to include in a map is pretty important (and pk3 layout)

... and the old page is in french ... something I cant really replace :/

The french page was contributed by RedGuff and, as far as I know, has not been reviewed "officially". Don't worry about it.

I'll talk to Samual about this and update this thread.

EDIT: Samual is okay with people updating the wiki. He maintains the git pages though, so talk with him before making important changes.

Don't edit the wiki on behalf of the team though. (That is, don't make it seem official if it's not.)

I can correct the french page, but Xonotic has essentially Russian, Anglophone and German players, it is even questionable why there is even a french page so much of a minority that is.

Ugh, Xonotic has players from all over the world, so if you can improve the French wiki, certainly do it. In the long run, your effort will definitely increase the number of French players and maybe even contributors. Also, isn't the French language is one of the most widespread languages? Colonies and stuff.

English is the unofficial official language of the imternet though. If improving the docs I would recommend doing so in english. Others can use translations services since there.s so many free ones now days.

Just what I recommend the decision is up to the contributor though, having more french docs is not a loss. Smile

We need much better documentation, We have a wiki and all. But it isn't as good as other wikis.
Over in the Minecraft community, It is very easy to find information since there is a good wiki.

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