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[TDM] Minigrudge

Minigrudge is a medium sized 2v2tdm map with 8 rooms. Even though the connections to the rooms are quite winding, the layout isnt too confusing.
You will find yourself in a techy area with some wood and green and orange colors which add some variety to the grayscale concrete and metalplates.

Some more notes:
14 playerspawns
1x 100 armor
1x 50 armor
1x mega health
1x - nex, crylink, electro, rocketlauncher, mortar, hagar, mg

Thanks to:
Mirio who helped me with the itemlayout and added the mapscreenshot
Finko, Foxy and Sly who had a quick testgame with me once

Why 'minigrudge'? I called the 2v2 version of the map minigrudge as I probably will add rooms/stuff so its playable in 4v4; that version would be called grudge then.
Why is the mappack so big? Some weeks ago I adapted a lot of the exomorphx textures so they are better and easier to use. A lot of them are included here. In case youre interested in checking those textures out, you can find them in the branch 'debugger/exomorphx' in xonotic-maps.pk3 . (Unless I publish an extra package for this)

Some screenshots:

[Image: kwwuCQsl.jpg]

[Image: 45V9TPtl.jpg]

[Image: w4aKUfDl.jpg]

[Image: s0Yx5rcl.jpg]

[Image: uvyedRul.jpg]

[Image: pcIjlMel.jpg]

[Image: GXLKlU3l.jpg]

[Image: dDXaT7el.jpg]

Download link: Minigrudge.pk3



Hoho, let's download it!

Thank you Big Grin
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(07-08-2013, 07:05 AM)Smilecythe Wrote: The download link appears to be broken.

Here's the current link.

When it inevitably expires, you can find the most recent build on the bsp autobuild page:

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