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Why is this game underrated

There isn't many people on servers, It's like a ghost town on my multiplayer list. I think too many people still play Nexuz without realizing that it is no longer updating. Either way this game is more worth playing on Singleplayer or LAN.


I don't know but hello and welcome.
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I pronounce it Shonotic.

There isn't much that can be done about Nexuiz. Except talk to server admins. There isn't much of a community left that I know, people won't get support in running the game or servers, and it'll end up failing, I guess.

Part of them know about Xonotic and don't care for it though. I'm not sure what can be done about that.

Nexuiz playerbase and what of it is left is mostly Instagibbers and Camping rifle-ers. One could say why not just move to Xonotic because they have same mods and maps. The problem is with the old timers, it's that they're always very pissy and whiny about their skills not transferring along with them to Xonotic, because even if you take your Nexuiz configs with you, Xonotic still feels different. And since they're mostly just looking up for instagib, there's no need to care about most of the updates.

Instagib skills.... instagib will always be a gimmick to me, I can't take it seriously.

I have been speaking to some outsiders about Xonotic... that was in Tremulous about 1/2 year ago... yeah, in a game that is even more dead then xonotic...

Some of them said that they know about Xonotic and have tried it, but they copmlained about performance and high required skill...
[Image: 0_e8735_c58a251e_orig]

One aspect of the problem is, that any newcomers pick up skills quickly and become competent but others are absolutely miserable, I even wonder how and why they play fps games. If you don't want to "LEARN the game" then its not for you and I think it may be then great majority is simply not willing (at least my theory). If you played during the Gronk Spike, you know what I am talking about.
Maybe a beginner's server which would be protected from people with enough (or any) elo would do the job.
So the problem is that game cannot be hardcore and casual friendly (you can frag too!) at the same time. (without community schizophrenia)

It is incomprehensible how out of 34000 players only 723 have CTF elo and 221 have elo. Now, even if 10% of the accounts are duplicates, then roughly 2% of players stick around. I would like to see the stats of how many of them even seen the vanilla.
I think that some reminders are necessary for new players that they are actually joining a mod at least so they know, how many joined a defrag and deleted the game afterwards? (Does the game at least recommend noobs to play sp first?)

Yeah, Xonotic has an issue or two. I have a bad feeling that things are not going to be better.

(06-23-2013, 04:56 PM)satuim Wrote: I think too many people still play Nexuz without realizing that it is no longer updating.

Couldn't be farther from the truth.

Smilecythe Wrote:The problem is with the old timers, it's that they're always very pissy and whiny about their skills not transferring along with them to Xonotic, because even if you take your Nexuiz configs with you, Xonotic still feels different.

Much closer. The "old timers" have played the same game for years, and never cared for all this new shit. The community was told by a select few people that their game wasn't a community game, because fuck you that's why. Words were different, but that's basically what happened. Configs can be made similar enough, but the new developments are that non-vanilla servers will be banned from the server list and/or hidden from the server list so that users don't see it by default. I've been told it's a small die-hard portion of the community, but I'll let you guess if this opinion is small:

[ IMG][/IMG]
(mod note: please don't embed huge images)

On a side note, I think you have it backwards when you say the Nexuiz community is all minsta. Seems to me that Xonotic only has minsta servers available (at least in NA) and Nexuiz still has hoctf, something that might sway Nexuiz players slightly. I have set up a server (which isn't online ATM) that runs as close to a Nexuiz config as I could manage in 1 day, but abandoned the thought of continuing it upon hearing that my server wouldn't be listed in the pubs. Again, thanks for not listening.
[+] MaKR [smooth+o]

That's the reason it's active players "job" to try to organize their xonotic playing into a schedule, like alot of people do atm.

For example when I get home from work at around 20:30 I know I can find a full minsta server to play on if I want.
Similarly I can find a full deathmatch server during 9:00 - 12:00 during the day.

If you guys have some sort of schedule that doesn't change much, playing during the same time or close to the same time of the day could help improve the playerbase, because new players begin to know that they can log on during, say... 20:00 and find a few servers to play on.

Eventually this can expand out of the minsta/overkill servers that are very popular and jump to duel/dm/ctf (vanilla) and even defrag/race.
Besides that, if you invite a new player, ask him to play during the time a server such as dcc, mon or esk is active, asking them to duel can put them off and make them quit, while it's alot more likely that they stick around if they can jump in for a few frags without the pressure of a 1v1 game.

About skill, that's a tricky one. You have to consider that some players don't play competitively and the reason they don't seem to get good is beceuase they don't really put any effort into improving. It's true however that some players pick up skills slower than others, and this can be due to many factors.

Here is an example:

Myself; I started playing fps games, starting with starsiege tribes and ut 99 when I was 6 years old, that's 10 years ago for me. Eventually when I got into ut2004 I started playing competitively for some years, around 16000 matches, both minsta and weapons. When I got into xonotic about 2 years ago, I tried getting into the competitive scene here, and expected to be really good after playing so much time... Well.. I was wrong, I was, and still am pretty terrible, but that doesn't mean I'll quit, I just took some time to rethink my playstyle and got right back into it Big Grin

Similarly I know a lot of players that just run around playing casually in dm/ctf servers and never really "improve", but when they get dragged into the competitive scene they can get really good fast.

Now my point with this, is the focus on "new players" should be to get long time fps players into xonotic. Now, while completely new players sounds attractive, it's hardly realistic, since unless the gaming industry takes a 180 turn, they will prefer to play something like planetside or battlefield in which they can quickly and easily get into the game.

Such as checkers (simpler but not easy) boardgame is attractive to most because it's easy to learn. Chess on the other hand, has too much depth and has a steep learning curve that most people are not willing to put time into.
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Sucks at weapons

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