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[SOLVED] How can i make a map?

I wanna map for Xonotic but i am on Linux and don't know where to start? can some one please point me the right direction?

Welcome back.

It's not an easy thing. Do you have experience with mapping in other games?

You'll have to grab NetRadiant and configure it. I have no idea how to do that. I personally would compile it from our git repositories, but I don't know if that's easier, it really depends on your background.

I suppose others can help you better on the actual mapping, but you should focus on getting the tools to work first of all.

Well mapping is one thing i agree tools is another.I installed the netradiant the way warsow says but it is not even installed right it did a bunch of stuff but i don't know if i can run it? By the way thanks for the Welcome Back I am glad to be back and modding Xonotic and wanting to make Xtreme Damage maps for those people who love Xtreme Damage.

Warsow won't tell you how to configure NetRadiant for Xonotic though. You might have to get it again from the Xonotic download page. I really have no clue. Perhaps wait for somebody else to help.

to get netradiant, you can use the info from this post to get it:

then, it's just a matter of some time to get to know the usage of it.
There are tons of tutorials over internets, you can search for GTKradiant tutorials, as the basics are almost the same and it should be enough for a start. Some of them can be found here:

i don't have much time to elaborate right now and i hope that info will be of any help for you
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my question is how do i compile the Linux version?

Download the sources, read the file called "COMPILING".

What do i run and make? what do i make i tried everything but errors weird?

(07-20-2013, 05:59 PM)kidx Wrote: What do i run and make? what do i make i tried everything but errors weird?

How am I supposed to help you with that? Could you at least tell me what exactly you did and what errors you got from it?

well erros lets see too long to list for real ill try and do a paste bin but other than that it wont be easy.Here is what i did originally.

For other linux in terminal:
git clone git://
cd netradiant

I don't see any error.

so how do i run this then i am lost? now i get this error Checking for glib/gutils.h (libglib2.0-dev)... not found, please install it or set PKG_CONFIG_PATH right! I installed it million times over?

If I understand this right, it worked and then something broke and now you get a libglib2.0 error?

You only did "make" a few times, and now you get that error you're describing?

What are you even doing? Are you following the instructions? The "COMPILING" file tells you how to run it.

yea make run that is what it tells em nothing more nothing less those are cheap instructions i tell you.Plus i am watching startrek TNG lol.Just to let you i don't understand this.

Linux(using X-windows)

- gcc >= version 3.1 (preferably)
- GNU make
- svn >= 1.1 (some build steps use svn)

- gtk+ >= 2.4.0 (requires glib, atk, pango, iconv, etc)
- gtkglext >= 1.0.0 (requires opengl)
- libxml2 >= 2.0.0
- zlib >= 1.2.0 (for archivezip module)
- libpng >= 1.2.0 (for imagepng module)

run 'make'

Execute 'install/radiant.x86'

I wish it was as easy as it is in Cube 2. But i'll look at those NetRadient links Smile

(07-20-2013, 07:23 PM)kidx Wrote: Plus i am watching startrek TNG lol.Just to let you i don't understand this.

Alright. I'll start watching star trek TNG while doing free support for you. "Lol".

I see nothing about "make run". The "cheap" instructions (seriously?) tell you to execute install/radiant.x86 to run the program, it doesn't get any clearer than that.

Now if you could please tell me what you did to get the error you had in the previous post, that could help.

Also, why is this thread marked as solved?

All i did was follow above right git the stuff install missing dependacies and then cd to directory and make and in the install folder there is radiant_x86 run that and your program will load. put the map files in the games data folder user/share/games/xonotic/data and thats pretty much all i did so yeah.Screen shot is coming soon.

For other linux in terminal:
git clone git://
cd netradiant

[Image: 6s8g8h.png]

[Image: 11j2dde.png]

[Image: 2bpnkk.png]

[Image: 5d74lg.png]

And the error you mentioned about libglib2.0 was just something that I shouldn't have paid attention to? You never made that clear.

Welp. I'm glad this is over.

Nope that was an error and still is just i woke up and realized i never had to install it like every one says. Just run the radiant _x86 file easy by the way that's still an issue just i am not worrying about it since i got this to load by doing what i did and placing the xonotic map files in the right place.

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