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[TDM] Grudge

Finally, the 4v4tdm version of 'Minigrudge' !

This is the successor of the previous version. Minigrudge will still exist as a 2v2 map. I added a room, changed a few structural things, fixed the itemlayout for 4v4tdm (and hopefully other modes) and also fixed a few bugs.

The map is supposed to be played in 4v4 tdm, support for other maps is there though (no DOM atm, sorry). Some pickup players were able to have a few nice games on the map already.

Due to the comparably small size of the map, gameplay is different than on bigger tdm maps. Frags happen faster and whole rooms can be blocked by a team as the connections are often tight. The key to success may be found in a slower pace of gameplay while cooperating a lot more with teammates and sharing weapons. It seems mapcontrol is a bit more important than it usually is Wink

However, it seems to be overall enjoyable no matter how you, your team or your opponents play!

Some screenshots:
[Image: 8ppvlG8l.jpg]

[Image: a4XsbBTl.jpg]

[Image: nMas0pzl.jpg]

[Image: Nssghtcl.jpg]

Download link:
Grudge is already available on the unconnected servers!

Cheers, Debugger

Good job! Smile

  • Some rooms are too small, like the one that had RL in minigrudge version, the 50a room and some others might be a bit small but can't quite remember which ones precisely
  • Many corridors is too small
  • Too many strong items near important items, 50a and nex, mega health and mortar

What I liked:
  • Good layout and archtecture
  • Nice texturing, both uniqe and good looking
  • Quad room is really good


Kind of looks a bit like warsow maps, but that's a good thing.
There need to be more map with textures/lighting like this, it looks great imo.

Overall great job Big Grin
[Image: 12766.png]
Sucks at weapons

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