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[SOLVED] How to download all maps at the same time?

I have this site:

How to download at the same time all maps?

i don't think it's possible...
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Could someone download all the maps and share it with ZIP file?

Just go here - - and get all the maps you want.

Google for some "download them all" app or so. I don't have the time to zip maps.
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(09-12-2013, 05:26 AM)koper Wrote: Could someone download all the maps and share it with ZIP file?

You could do if you wanted but then when new maps get released (which they do) then you would have a really slow progress to do the same thing again. As suggested, there are software tools which would allow you to get all of the files that Mirio linked to. Wget is an example and you could if you really wanted have it set to run in the background on your computer automatically downloading new maps for you and putting them in your Xonotic/data directory.

What are you trying to do though? Do you want to set up a dedicated server and run a lot of the popular maps or are you just wanting the maps for single player/local network use?
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If you have Firefox, You could try and use "DownThemAll" extension

If you're enthusiastic about Xonotic and plan to stick to it, you'll get all the maps eventually.

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