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[SOLVED] Where can I download popular maps?

I am interested in hosting a private server for myself and my friends, but I want to play on more than just the stock maps that come with the game. I would really enjoy a map pack that contains all the really popular maps used on some of the more popular Minsta Hook CTF servers, but I cannot seem to find anything for download. Is there a place where such a file exists? Or, is there a way to play on the maps that I have downloaded while playing online?

The maps you download online reside in .xonotic/data/dlcache in your home folder. That is where it will be if you are on Linux or Mac at any rate. If you are on Windows, look for it in Saved games/Xonotic, that's where it is for me on Windows 7. If you still can not find the folder, try to do a search for that folder dlcache.

You can place the maps straight into the /data folder of your server. Be sure to supply a curl download to your friends so they will download the map from you if they don't have it yet.
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I thank you so very much!

I do have one more question that is slightly offtopic. Whenever I play with my friends on my private server, the grappling hook seems to move awfully slowly. On all the other servers I play on, it seems like when you hook, it latches almost instantly. On my server, it is sluggish. Any way to change the speed?

The minsta servers you like to play on might run with modified settings, I'm not sure. Maybe a minsta regular can fill you in on that.

However, the minsta grapple I just tried locally feels pretty swift to me. You can alter its behaviour to a certain extent with the cvars starting with g_balance_grapplehook
"Yes, there was a spambot some time ago on these forums." - aa

When you are connected to a server, you can see a list of cvars that have been changed from their default values. Just type cmd cvar_purechanges in the console. There is also cmd cvar_changes for a more exhaustive list but I think the cvars of interest are also listed in the shorter purechanges list.


When you download all maps send them to net and share with me!

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