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[NEED HELP] Mouse warping

I had a problem when i reinstalled q3 on new computer - if i flick or even just move mouse pretty fast, it barely moves at all and snaps back to center. I got a (likely) explanation from IRC:

Quote:<q66> fa1nt_, in ioq3?
<q66> that's because it uses sdl1, and thus mouse warping
<q66> and mouse warping is known to suck dick
<q66> if you move too fast with warping then it jumps out of the window and you lose mouse input
<q66> warping works like that it forces the cursor into center of the window

i find i have the same problem with xonotic. Apparently sdl2 does not have this problem because of relative positioning. What is going on, is it the programs or my mouse, etc? The mouse this occurred with was some crappy Dell thing, also xonotic 0.7.0 x64 & ioq3

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