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[SUGGESTION] A Simple Conversation

Problem is in many eyes (mine included) Xonotic was supposed to be a continuation/rethinking of what Nexuiz was. It was merely supposed to ditch everything that sucked about it and replacing with improved content while preserving a lot (hell, I think it's even stated in the FAQ that they wanted to stick with most of Nexuiz's gameplay) of what made Nexuiz great. Drastically changing everything in an attempt to expand the player base (aka SELLING OUT) will PISS OFF THE CURRENT COMMUNITY AND MAKE THEM LEAVE. This has happened MANY times in the commercial development world as well as the open-source world. Just look at what's happening with GNOME (people are talking about ditching it for XFCE if it continues in it's current direction) right now or look at all those game franchises (such as Unreal Tournament when they released UT3) that have been casualized. They pissed off their core crowd and never got any new players.

(05-28-2010, 06:28 PM)Roanoke Wrote: Well, before fixing something, you need to first determine if it is broke...

No you don't... Just look at what Sega did with the US version of the Saturn controllers....

Oh wait.

Apples & Oranges with you.

You seem to be forgetting one major thing, that the original UT HAD a big player base, nexuiz never did.

All I know is the nexuiz versions had ATLEAST over 2.5million downloads, now i'm not suggesting that they were all unique people..and it's probably more downloads then that, as I think that may of been for 2.5? Now even if half of them were people who downloaded it twice, thats 1.25million unique downloads.

How big was nexuiz's playerbase, 300 at the most likely, half-active/regular players, and then x amount of casual players.

Even if it had a playerbase of around 1000 casual/regular players (which it didn't), that's like 1 in 1250 people trying the game are playing it casually/regularly, don'tthose figures strike you as poor?
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(02-08-2011, 09:43 AM)Lee_Stricklin Wrote: Drastically changing everything in an attempt to expand the player base (aka SELLING OUT) will PISS OFF THE CURRENT COMMUNITY AND MAKE THEM LEAVE.

Some people always leave after some time, that's normal. That's what happened in Nexuiz too. If you don't like a game -> don't play it. Who forces you? If I would not like Xonotic I would not play it. I would play Nexuiz or another game.

I guess you download Nexuiz everytime you get a new version. Besides that I downloaded it >10 times.

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