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[solved] other effectinfo for additional effects (eg. for maps)

i mean a effectinfo who adds efects to the normal loaded effects or maybe replaces existing effects would be great...

or is there a way without packing the whole effectinfo in the pk3?

Packing the whole effectinfo into the pk3 is bad practice and will get your map rejected unless of course it's a full mod.

If you included a effectinfo.txt it could replace your effects on all servers [bad] (depending on where it is in your folder hierarchy and if it comes after data* alphabetically).

As far as I know editing or adding your own particle effects is not currently supported. And I believe adding would mean you need to include a new compile csqc.dat

Perhaps someone with more experience with the engine could explain this better / in more detail to you.

DP has support for maps/mapname_effectinfo.txt since not long ago.

That is awesome news, thanks parasti Smile

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