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[DM/TDM] Stormkeep with warpzones

Ooops my bad Tongue

YES for me. It looks nice AND it might open some new strategic aspects.

(06-08-2010, 06:30 AM)kojn^ Wrote: Does that mean you'll be able to shoot someone at the armour from the electro warpzone?
Related question: what about the player physic when going through a warpzone? It seems from the movie that the player dynamic remains unaltered (unlike when you pass into a classical teleporter)?

Using warpzones, I feel that some questions about damage through walls also arise...

How is the effect done for the warp zones? I can't seem to replicate it, no matter how much I study the design in the map. I can make a warpzone, but I can't make it so that you can see the other side; its completely black

maybe this might help:
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It didn't...

Though this is not the apropriate thread for this discussion, I'll answere nevertheless.
To make a warpzone, there are some rules you have to follow:

-warpzones MUST be made from brushes
-ALL SIDES except one MUST be common/trigger
-the other one MUST be a warpzone-type shader
-Both warpzone brushes (in-out) MUST be the same size on the sides, where the warpzone shader is placed.
-the trigger_warpzones must be connected to eachother with target-targetname. You only have to connect them once (you don't have to backlink).
-Warpzones MUST be in pairs. You can't have a warpzone without a target, and you can't have a warpzone with multiple targets, and you can't have a warpzone targetted by more than one other.
-for reflections, here's the tricky part: common/warpzone is a reflective one, that's for sure. The other shaders in effects/warpzone are NOT all reflective:

           dpoffsetmapping none
           surfaceparm nolightmap
           // surfaceparm nonsolid // no, it must be solid like trigger
           surfaceparm trans
           surfaceparm nomarks
                   map textures/effects_warpzone/wavy.tga
                   tcMod scroll 0.06 0.06
                   blendfunc blend
          dp_refract 1 1 1 1 // makes the camera render like a refraction

This is a reflective warpzone shader, and it's wavy. The crucial key for reflection is dp_camera (wavy thing is done by dp_refract). The other of is the commented out surfaceparm nonsolid. It HAS to be solid, as the comment says too; note however, that "solid" is not "solid as concrete", but collision detection. I can't describe this better, sorry.
So on the other hand:

           surfaceparm nonsolid
           surfaceparm nomarks
           q3map_surfacelight 2500
           cull none
                   map textures/effects_warpzone/blueedge.tga
                   blendfunc GL_SRC_ALPHA GL_ONE
Is neither a warpzone texture, nor a relflective one. That shader is simply an effect, it won't work for warpzones.

These are all the technical details, that you need to understand to make a warpzone.
If you've done all the above, and you still can't see the reflections, and you're 100% sure that you have reflection enabled in Settings menu: effects, I can only suspect your graphics card not able to render reflections at all - though that must be so old (eg. GeForce4 series), that it wouldn't be able to run Xonotic at all, so I think we can exclude that possibility.
The best would be if you'd post somewhere your .map (not the compiled bsp), so we could take a look, and possibly fix the problem, telling you the solution.
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I will find it. Thanks. It has been driving me crazy.

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