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all are welcome at hightime deathmatch

monkey  update to 0.8.2 is complete, and both ffa and gib are now the latest stable

minstanex  we've had some issues with autobuild performance @ gib, but now we can get the desired blaster behavior from the release

erebus  amazing thanks to the hacking squad for the additional maps, muchos besos!!!!!!


ehm, why is this monkey icon here, I had to visit a specialist to release depression.

(04-06-2017, 02:49 PM)Ch4mp Wrote: ehm, why is this monkey icon here, I had to visit a specialist to release depression.

don't worry, be happy, and feel the Heart, mon. Ch4mp is mere 2 bits away from Ch1mp Smile

boom minstanex headshot

after many different attempts at making the binary pre-fabs work, we came to a conclusion that something in them causes a performance drag on the server, manifesting as mystery lag spikes & excessive skipping. 0.8.1 release binary seemed to be quite good, but the autobuilds leading up to 0.8.2 ranged in quality from ok to awful, and 0.8.2 release binary was quite bad.


so we tried building from git, and the quality seems to have improved. it was quite nice to see that the build instructions work flawlessly on both stable debian (server) and a slackware derivative (client).


both servers will run post-release git for now, while the testing continues.

long time no see, everyone Smile

we are immensely exited to announce an upcoming hardware update. just around march 26 we will be moving hightime to a 4-core blade with 6x or so bogomips. there may be some downtime (perhaps up to a few days, but hopefully none at all), and the ip address may change during the transition, but everything else is expected to remain as it is.

if you tried hightime before, you may have noticed occasional lag spikes. after much testing we concluded that the bottleneck is none other that the chipset, with 2 chokey cores falling short of the task at hand. with this update we are hoping to deliver the silky-smooth gameplay we always envisioned.

minstanex  the hardware upgrade is complete, enjoy the 4 cores monkey

Huh  for some reason, the servers show up in the in-game browser, but not in this web list:

we can see individual servers via web too, if we edit the ip in the url:

what gives?  Huh

I get this same problem on my server too.

No real conclusive solution.
Xonotic exists for a long time and low player count is the proof that nobody wants to play Xonotic since it is a bad game by default.
- Lyberta, 2017

(03-25-2018, 07:58 AM)Antares* Wrote: I get this same problem on my server too.

No real conclusive solution.

understood, no biggie. Idea  4got to mention... we discovered the issue a few months ago by accident, with old setup, never reported because were hoping it would just go away ™ but it didn't. it persisted happily Big Grin  through the upgrade, even though we bumped the os (debian stretch now) and replaced autobiuild server with stable universal blob again.

Angel in line with the best practices for not being bent over and violated repeatedly Dodgy  we moved our source repo from github to gitlab Heart

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