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Forum dead?

Activity on this forum is very quiet recently, any reason why?

Is development still ongoing or is the game numbers/players starting to dwindle?
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Well I'm back so must be alive.
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(08-24-2015, 03:49 PM)kojn^ Wrote: Is development still ongoing or is the game numbers/players starting to dwindle?

As for the development, see .
This is also where a lot of development discussions take place,
because the GitLab communication tools directly integrate the code.

As for the activity, see

Kojn why don't you start playing more and you'll see we're still very much alive Wink
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If anyone is interested, I'm still there ;o)

Having had an extremely hard time getting my workload done and enjoying a well-deserved vacation in Finland just now. I'll return to be more active than I've been the entire year so far, though I will have close to zero spare time for playing. I guarantee I'll be back playing eventually, however this may still take a while. Looking very much forward to it though!
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Not active but I'm on the forums at least. Tongue

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