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F*CKMEGEDDON: A Xonotic Frag Movie


F*CKMEGEDDON is a 15min long Xonotic slideshow content of frags that I've been collecting ever since I started playing about six years ago. Some clips are old, some are new and some I can't even remember. I've got footage from various tournaments as well as public/pickup matches, featuring game modes such as Duel, DM, TDM, CTF, Vehicle CTF, Instagib and some weird modifications in between - against various opponents chosen indiscriminately by skill or reputation, rather by the coolness of the frag like in the old times. The result is a disorienting chaos filled with randomly modded announcer sounds and gun models determined by the server I was playing in. A ton of airshots, killing sprees, spawn killing, vortex whoring, mortar ricochets, curve rockets, flickshots and in general buttloads of Xonotic exclusive gimmicks. Little bit of everything! What can I say? I love this game and every (most) part of it.

[Image: xonotic__f_ckmegeddon_by_smilecythe-da2ooe9.gif]

This is an old movie project that's been collecting dust for a while. Quality is a bit below the standard and the fps is only at 30. This is because when I started this project I intended it as a youtube only release and back then standards weren't as high, let alone you couldn't even upload at 60fps yet. I promise my future videos will be at a solid 60fps and a decent resolution, assuming the game (that I'm working with) has avidemo features or that my toaster can handle fraps/bandicunt/camtasia/whatever type of recording that would be necessary due the absence of it.


Love it! Big Grin you should share it on ESR
metsu ZeRoQL (Stats) - <@nifrek> true, I guess in tdm you also dont always have your perfect choice of weapon, especially when ZeRoQL is controlling nex Dodgy
KILLING X ZONE - Xonotic community movie


I think the triple mortar on me is the best frag Big Grin

Very nice video Smiley
[Image: 38443.png]



holy shit can I call you daddy? Amazing man!
[Image: 29271.png]

<Samual> Everybody better be playing I Wish by Skee-Lo, it is the song of my duels!

It's good

Solid fragmovie mate.
[Image: 9214.png]

Very horosho. Frags 10/10.

Insane mortar you have Smilecythe Smile
[Image: 65153.png]

9/10 because you missed one nex Tongue
Very good music chosen, effects and shots ofc!

A solid 5/10!

Just kidding, left my comments on steam to you.

Best frag movie content in a Xonotic video overall.

Some real LOL stuff in there, should of played Nexuiz Smilecythe, your frag content would of been baller there also!

Next movie, send your frags to zeroql to make! Smile

How many years worth of demos in that movie, I mean from what year periods?

Somehow your movie actually made it look like Xonotic has active public servers!
[Image: 542.png]

#deathmatchers @


Here take my 5/10

Good Job with this Frag movie, even though it's 30 fps! And that intro wasn't clean language which some people don't want to here.

Like Kojn said, send your frags to zeroql Big Grin. And that announcer in the video was dope Smile

We need a whole team sharing frags, demos, ect and we can get this done at least a month or so.

(05-17-2016, 01:36 PM)Beagle Wrote: And that intro wasn't clean language which some people don't want to here.
The asterisk in the movie title was kind of a reference to Xonotic community's take on language actually, so at least there's that Tongue

(05-17-2016, 10:44 AM)kojn^ Wrote: How many years worth of demos in that movie, I mean from what year periods?
Some demos that I had were last edited at 2011 and 2012.


Nice movie man!

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