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[NEEDS INFO] How to reset screen resultion?


I got a new laptop and wanted to move my xonotic folder to the new machine.

The new laptop has a native screen size of 1920 x 1080.

The old one has 1366x766

I made the setting in "grafik" and now my problem is that I cannot see the complete menues any more and I am unable to switch back because I do not see and reach the enter button at the bottom of the menue. It looks like the screen is now smaller than what the physical size realy is.

Please could anybody tell me where xonotic is storing the settings, so that I can delete them to start from scratch.

Best regards,

You can set the resolution via console, too. Open the console with <shift> <ESC>, and enter

vid_height 766

and hit return to set the height, then enter

vid_width 1366

and hit return to set the width, then enter


and hit return to apply.
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You config is located (Windows) at C:\Users\YOURNAME\Saved Games\xonotic\data and called "config.cfg".

You can open it as a txt file and delete the cvars for the resolution: vid_height + vid_width
Or you open the in game console (Shift+ESC) and enter the cvars with the new values.

To all
Thank you very much for your quick help!!!!

I am back now that I can work with the settings.

But in the setting menue I see the screen resolution 1280x720

If I am setting via console to 1920x1080 and do a restart with vid_restart, nothing happens.

Does xonotic support a screen size of 1920x1080?

Best regards,


Xonotic definitely supports 1920x1080. What happens if you start with a clean config (just rename config.cfg)?
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Xonotic supports any resolution you want Wink

The trouble is strating by using a screen size

Until 1280x800
it is looking fine

I have tried a "clean" config several times - just delete it.

In the configuration screen I see the resolution
1280 x 720

Also if I modified the config file before I start xonotic with

In the cofiguratiuon screen I can change the screen resolution but after applying the change it looks like that resolution "does not fit" physicaly on my screen.

I am running a win 10 laptop.

Best regards,


(09-09-2016, 10:33 AM)martin-t Wrote: Xonotic definitely supports 1920x1080. What happens if you start with a clean config (just rename config.cfg)?

Am I correct in saying this has been resolved? I'm confused by your edit.

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