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[Font] Xolonium 4.0

[Image: oXRlnRQ.png]

Hey all, I have released a new revision of the Xolonium fonts.
If you would like to install Xolonium outside of Xonotic,
you can download the public version at the Font Library.

Most notably, many glyphs are narrower, and the middle bars are
slightly lowered. As a result, the proportions are more balanced,
especially for the digits. All with the goal to improve legibility.
And for the laugh of it, I added the Bitcoin symbol Big Grin

Also, I finally implemented a hinted TrueType version, where
each glyph is accompanied by a program that aligns its outlines
to the available pixels per glyph. This should improve the
sharpness at small sizes on Linux/Windows.

Available formats:

otf (PostScript OpenType Font)
General purpose format, best for printing, embedding in PDF,
exporting outlines, transformations, and for platforms that
ignore TrueType instructions like Android/Apple.

ttf (TrueType OpenType Font)
Best for on-screen rendering at small sizes on Linux/Windows.
On other platforms, on-screen rendering should be similar to otf.

woff (Web Open Font)
Compressed ttf format, standard for webfonts.

Excellent work. I just now installed it onto my OS partitions to use as my main font and while it looked pretty cool in Xonotic already, I never really got to appreciate just how much more pleasing to the eye it is than the defaults that Windows and most Linuxes come with.

.png   Xolonium Screenshot.png (Size: 8.07 KB / Downloads: 96)

Oh wait.

That is very kind, thank you.

(10-24-2016, 04:03 PM)Lee_Stricklin Wrote: how much more pleasing to the eye it is than the defaults that Windows and most Linuxes come with.

You might also want to try some of the new "flagship" open source fonts, like Open Sans, Source Sans, or Ubuntu, if you haven't already.

Indeed very good work. I'm genuinely amazed about the quality of your contributions, many thanks!
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