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Host custom maps on Google Drive

Hi, I was just seeing if it was possible to host custom maps Google Drive? I made my data directory public but when I add the address to my server.cfg it's https not http. Thanks!

Downloading custom pk3 files using https protokoll does not work Sad

But there seems to be support for https...

libcurl supports TLS/SSL (ie: https:// urls) but not sure about how well that works in Darkplaces.

However, having used curl to download files from a lot of things (deploying files all over the place), the issue might be that the link you're using isn't the final canonical link to the file, but is a redirect. I don't know how well Darkplaces supports redirects (if at all).

If you have a copy of curl, you can try this yourself in a command prompt using the links you've got.

curl -O

If that doesn't work, try:
curl -O -J -L

If the first one doesn't work but the second does, the link is a redirect link.

FWIW: Dropbox uses redirect links when you select 'Download' and get a link that ends in "?dl=0" (which actually makes it open a view window). You can improve that by changing it to "?raw=1"
on the end, but it still does a redirect.
[Image: 21975.jpg]

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Thank you for the info guys..... I think I'm going to host the maps on my web host.

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