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How to change game to instagib through client?

Hey everyone... I'm trying to set up a dedicated server at home and would like to be able to change the game to instagib without updating the server.cfg file and restarting the dedicated server.

When I type vcall gib into the client it says vote accepted but nothing changes.

I would prefer if people could vote on it like the game types and maps but I'll take a simple command if it's possible. Thanks!

You need to define "gib" in your server.cfg. Something like this would do the trick:
alias gib "g_instagib 1; say ^2InstaGib will be active in the next match!"

You'll also probably want a vote to turn it off:
alias nogib "g_instagib 0; say ^2InstaGib will be off in the next match!"

It is possible to make it votable like the game types, but that takes a bit more setup, and only works on a single game type...

set sv_vote_gametype_instactf_type ctf
set sv_vote_gametype_instactf_name "InstaGib CTF"
set sv_vote_gametype_instactf_description "Capture the Flag mode with the InstaGib mutator"
alias sv_vote_gametype_hook_instactf "g_instagib 1"
alias sv_vote_gametype_hook_all "g_instagib 0" // this one is needed, since these settings aren't temporary

Then you would add "instactf" to the sv_vote_gametype_options cvar.
[Image: 230.png]

Thanks Mario.... that solved my problem!!!

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