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What is needed to get started mapping?

I would like to try mapping and was wondering where to get started. What is the best editor to use? Netradiant, GtkRadiant? Is there easy configuration for Xonotic in the editor?


You need Netradiant and mappingsupport package for Xonotic that includes textures, models and whatnot.

Here I think are both:

^Create a "mapping" folder inside Xonotic main directory and put everything from this zip in there. If you're on Linux you will have to compile it from source, which is also in the package.

Here's some tutorials covering the basics:

You can also alternatively look up GTKradiant tutorials on certain functions as it's essentially the same program.

Thank you very much!

What platform do you want to map on? If it's a recent version of Windows, NetRadiant that is supplied with Xonotic might give you issues. Check this post in a thread I made on that subject for what is in my opinion the best build to map on for Windows at this point.
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I'm on windows. Thanks! I will use the custom build version. I'm surprised there isn't a way to work with the latest GtkRadiant.

Update. This custom version is very cool!

I'm curious, is there any way to find or get an FGD file for xonotic?

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