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[NEED HELP] grenade type switching

(Not sure how "official" this should be...)
Can somebody share their key bind of the grenade type switching?

I didn't know you could do a keybind to switch grenade types. Sounds like something someone would do to be even more annoying than usual, ha ha.  All I know is you hit F8 while in a game that allows grenades and the grenade type settings are in there along with some other settings.
iMac OS Monterey 12.1
Xonotic 0.8.2 autobuild

Here's one approach that includes all of them on a single bind:

bind X "toggle cl_nade_type 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8; show_message; sendcvar cl_nade_type"

alias show_message "nade_message_${cl_nade_type}"

alias nade_message_1 "cprint ^7Normal^7!"
alias nade_message_2 "cprint ^1Napalm^7!"
alias nade_message_3 "cprint ^4Nitro^7!"
alias nade_message_4 "cprint ^6Translocate^7!"
alias nade_message_5 "cprint ^3Spawn^7!"
alias nade_message_6 "cprint ^5Heal^7!"
alias nade_message_7 "cprint ^2Pokenade^7!"
alias nade_message_8 "cprint ^9Entrap^7!"

Alternatively, a single bind could look like this:

bind X "setreport cl_nade_type 3; cprint ^4Nitro^7!"

There is also a trick that could put them on the number keys temporarily and switch back to weapons after use, but that would take a lot more setup, and I'm not sure if it would be viable for gameplay.
[Image: 230.png]

(08-13-2017, 05:50 AM)Lyberta Wrote: Is this in master? I thought different grenades are only on the Jeff server.


~/xonotic/xonotic (master=)% grep "case NADE_TYPE" **/*.qc
data/xonotic-data.pk3dir/qcsrc/common/mutators/mutator/nades/nades.qc: case NADE_TYPE_NAPALM:
data/xonotic-data.pk3dir/qcsrc/common/mutators/mutator/nades/nades.qc: case NADE_TYPE_ICE:
data/xonotic-data.pk3dir/qcsrc/common/mutators/mutator/nades/nades.qc: case NADE_TYPE_TRANSLOCATE:
data/xonotic-data.pk3dir/qcsrc/common/mutators/mutator/nades/nades.qc: case NADE_TYPE_MONSTER:
data/xonotic-data.pk3dir/qcsrc/common/mutators/mutator/nades/nades.qc: case NADE_TYPE_SPAWN:
data/xonotic-data.pk3dir/qcsrc/common/mutators/mutator/nades/nades.qc: case NADE_TYPE_HEAL:
data/xonotic-data.pk3dir/qcsrc/common/mutators/mutator/nades/nades.qc: case NADE_TYPE_ENTRAP:
data/xonotic-data.pk3dir/qcsrc/common/mutators/mutator/nades/nades.qc: case NADE_TYPE_NORMAL:

Thanks, @Mario.
-z-, your username is "xonotic"? lol

I asked @Arch_[guh-noo+linox] about his bind, while forgetting that I actually had this in my keybind already but never got used to use it. Anyway, Arch's bind is slightly different and useful:
# offensive (fire, ice, teleport, and monster):
toggle cl_nade_type 2 3 4 7; sendcvar cl_nade_type

# defensive (healing, spawn, slowmo, and veil)
toggle cl_nade_type 6 5 8 9; sendcvar cl_nade_type

Some extra stuff he shared with me, although unrelated to nades:

# adjust zoom
bind MWHEELUP "toggle cl_zoomfactor 10 8 6 4 3.9 3.8 3.7 3.6 3.5 3.4 3.3 3.2
bind MWHEELDOWN "toggle cl_zoomfactor 4 6 8 10 10.1 10.2 10.3 10.4 10.5 10.6 10.7 10.8"
I've been using fov instead. Not sure how they differ.

# in-game private message helper (shows player ID number)
bind APOSTROPHE "status 2; commandmode tell"

xonotic granade
nade-type keyboard shortcuts
[Image: jaNiFtx.png]

In settings > input
choose an empty userbind## > Change Key > choose a key for your new shortcut.
For example, choose the letter 'n' for Napalm-Nade.
Choose Edit, to edit your new keybind shortcut.
Type in a Name such as Napalm Nade
Then in the Command When Pressed line put:
  setreport cl_nade_type 2
> Save

That's it.

To change your Monster Nade to different kinds of Monsters, you will need additional shortcut keys for that, as per below.

setreport cl_nade_type 1 = Normal

setreport cl_nade_type 2 = Napalm

setreport cl_nade_type 3 = Nitro

setreport cl_nade_type 4 = Translocate

setreport cl_nade_type 5 = Spawn

setreport cl_nade_type 6 = Healing

setreport cl_nade_type 7 = Pokenade

setreport cl_nade_type 8 = Entrap

setreport cl_nade_type 9 = veil

Change Monster Pokenade to different Monsters:

cl_pokenade_type anyrandom

cl_pokenade_type zombie

cl_pokenade_type spider

cl_pokenade_type shambler

cl_pokenade_type mage

cl_pokenade_type enforcer

cl_pokenade_type ogre

cl_pokenade_type afrit

cl_pokenade_type creeper

cl_pokenade_type scrag

cl_pokenade_type soldier

cl_pokenade_type demon
iMac OS Monterey 12.1
Xonotic 0.8.2 autobuild

I made a 'back / forth scrollable' version based on aliases with colors!
unbind 6
bind 6 nsN
unbind 7
bind 7 snP

alias "nsN ns0"
alias ns0 "cl_nade_type 1;cprint ^xfff1^xfff-^xeee-^xeee-^xdddN^xdddo^xcccr^xcccm^xbbba^xbbbl^xaaa-^xaaa-^x999-^x999-^x888-;alias nsN ns1;alias snP sn10"
alias ns1 "cl_nade_type 2;cprint ^xfff2^xffe-^xfed-^xfec-^xfebN^xfdaa^xfd9p^xfd8a^xfc8l^xfc7m^xfc6-^xfb5-^xfb4-^xfb3-^xfa2-;alias nsN ns2;alias snP sn0"
alias ns2 "cl_nade_type 3;cprint ^xfff3^xeff-^xdff-^xcff-^xbffI^xbffc^xaffe^x9ff-^x8ff-^x7ff-^x6ff-^x5ff-^x4ff-^x4ff-^x3ff-^x2ff-^x1ff-;alias nsN ns3;alias snP sn1"
alias ns3 "cl_nade_type 4;cprint ^xfff4^xfef-^xfdf-^xfcf-^xfbfT^xfafr^xf9fa^xf8fn^xf7fs^xf6fl^xf5fo^xf4fc^xf3fa^xf2ft^xf1fe;alias nsN ns4;alias snP sn2"
alias ns4 "cl_nade_type 5;cprint ^xfff5^xffe-^xffd-^xffc-^xffbS^xffap^xff9a^xff7w^xff6n^xff5-^xff4-^xff3-^xff2-^xff1-;alias nsN ns5;alias snP sn3"
alias ns5 "cl_nade_type 6;cprint ^xfff6^xfee-^xfdd-^xfcc-^xfbbH^xfaae^xf99a^xf88l^xf88-^xf77-^xf66-^xf55-^xf44-^xf33-^xf22-^xf11-;alias nsN ns6;alias snP sn4"
alias ns6 "cl_nade_type 7;cprint ^xfff7^xefe-^xdfd-^xcfc-^xbfbP^xafao^x9f9k^x7f7e^x6f6n^x5f5a^x4f4d^x3f3e^x2f2-^x1f1-;alias nsN ns7;alias snP sn5"
alias ns7 "cl_nade_type 8;cprint ^xfff8^xefe-^xded-^xcec-^xbdbE^xadan^x9c9t^x8c8r^x8c8a^x7b7p^x6b6-^x5a5-^x4a4-^x393-^x292-^x181-;alias nsN ns8;alias snP sn6"
alias ns8 "cl_nade_type 9;cprint ^xfff9^xeee-^xddd-^xccc-^xbbbV^xbbbe^xaaai^x999l^x888-^x777-^x666-^x555-^x444-^x444-^x333-^x222-^x111-;alias nsN ns9;alias snP sn7"
alias ns9 "cl_nade_type 10;cprint ^xfff1^xffe0^xfed-^xfec-^xfebA^xfdam^xfd9m^xfd8o^xfc8-^xfc7-^xfc6-^xfb5-^xfb4-^xfb3-^xfa2-;alias nsN ns10;alias snP sn8"
alias ns10 "cl_nade_type 11;cprint ^xfff1^xfef1^xede-^xece-^xdbdD^xdada^xc9cr^xc8ck^xc8c-^xb7b-^xb6b-^xa5a-^xa4a-^x939-^x929-^x818-;alias nsN ns0;alias snP sn9"

alias "snP sn10"
alias sn10 "cl_nade_type 11;cprint ^xfff1^xfef1^xede-^xece-^xdbdD^xdada^xc9cr^xc8ck^xc8c-^xb7b-^xb6b-^xa5a-^xa4a-^x939-^x929-^x818-;alias snP sn9;alias nsN ns0"
alias sn9 "cl_nade_type 10;cprint ^xfff1^xffe0^xfed-^xfec-^xfebA^xfdam^xfd9m^xfd8o^xfc8-^xfc7-^xfc6-^xfb5-^xfb4-^xfb3-^xfa2-;alias snP sn8;alias nsN ns10"
alias sn8 "cl_nade_type 9;cprint ^xfff9^xeee-^xddd-^xccc-^xbbbV^xbbbe^xaaai^x999l^x888-^x777-^x666-^x555-^x444-^x444-^x333-^x222-^x111-;alias snP sn7;alias nsN ns9"
alias sn7 "cl_nade_type 8;cprint ^xfff8^xefe-^xded-^xcec-^xbdbE^xadan^x9c9t^x8c8r^x8c8a^x7b7p^x6b6-^x5a5-^x4a4-^x393-^x292-^x181-;alias snP sn6;alias nsN ns8"
alias sn6 "cl_nade_type 7;cprint ^xfff7^xefe-^xdfd-^xcfc-^xbfbP^xafao^x9f9k^x7f7e^x6f6n^x5f5a^x4f4d^x3f3e^x2f2-^x1f1-;alias snP sn5;alias nsN ns7"
alias sn5 "cl_nade_type 6;cprint ^xfff6^xfee-^xfdd-^xfcc-^xfbbH^xfaae^xf99a^xf88l^xf88-^xf77-^xf66-^xf55-^xf44-^xf33-^xf22-^xf11-;alias snP sn4;alias nsN ns6"
alias sn4 "cl_nade_type 5;cprint ^xfff5^xffe-^xffd-^xffc-^xffbS^xffap^xff9a^xff7w^xff6n^xff5-^xff4-^xff3-^xff2-^xff1-;alias snP sn3;alias nsN ns5"
alias sn3 "cl_nade_type 4;cprint ^xfff4^xfef-^xfdf-^xfcf-^xfbfT^xfafr^xf9fa^xf8fn^xf7fs^xf6fl^xf5fo^xf4fc^xf3fa^xf2ft^xf1fe;alias snP sn2;alias nsN ns4"
alias sn2 "cl_nade_type 3;cprint ^xfff3^xeff-^xdff-^xcff-^xbffI^xbffc^xaffe^x9ff-^x8ff-^x7ff-^x6ff-^x5ff-^x4ff-^x4ff-^x3ff-^x2ff-^x1ff-;alias snP sn1;alias nsN ns3"
alias sn1 "cl_nade_type 2;cprint ^xfff2^xffe-^xfed-^xfec-^xfebN^xfdaa^xfd9p^xfd8a^xfc8l^xfc7m^xfc6-^xfb5-^xfb4-^xfb3-^xfa2-;alias snP sn0;alias nsN ns2"
alias sn0 "cl_nade_type 1;cprint ^xfff1^xfff-^xeee-^xeee-^xdddN^xdddo^xcccr^xcccm^xbbba^xbbbl^xaaa-^xaaa-^x999-^x999-^x888-;alias snP sn10;alias nsN ns1"


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