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Just a thank you for the help.

I want to start this thread, just to thank the helpful players here and to support exactly this behavior(Antibody gave me the idea). So some of you can thank players who brought you closer to the game and it does not matter if you're a beginner or an old hand. 

It's also interesting to hear how everybody began. Wink

Then I'll start:

1. Martin-t: He showed me the handling of the different weapons. In four duels that I lost big-time.
2. Gandalf: Generally helpful to every newbie and showed me ramp jumps. For almost an hour we were just hopping around the maps.
3. Morosophos.exe: Gave me the basics of dueling.(Here too I lost a lot, but it was fun nonetheless Big Grin )
4. Regionalbahn →vga←: Showed me the mod overkill and taught me its peculiarities.
And many more...

Thanks for reading and looking forward to other stories.
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I'm certainly an old hand, so my list could be huge if I mentioned everyone. Instead I'll limit my "thank yous" to recent events:
  1. Anyone who has come over to the NY server to play me despite the ping disadvantage: Dodger, Halogene, and SpiKe.
  2. Those who ran tournaments: Mirio, kougi, and morosophos
  3. Those who review, test, and provide feedback on my code: Freddy, and martin-t
  4. Those who posted awesome Xonotic content to YouTube: packer, ccCam, and morosophos
Keep up the great work. You are what makes this community what it is!
asyyy^ | are you releated to chuck norris?

sorry if I forgot anyone
1. LoverTaleb for teaching me the basics of vanilla duelling
2. Mirio for various shit which is too long to list here
3. Packer for teaching me how to record xonotic videos programmatically
4. Sinety for taking a hopeless effort to improve my aim
5. Donald for teaching me basics of defrag and various help with my defrag server.

Sadly, I don't remember the name of that guy from the other team that stopped by me in the middle of a crowded CTF match, in one of my first online matches more than 10 years ago, and taught me how to blaster jump and how to bunny hop regardless of the game going on. It was on great wall, IIRC.
I won't mention anyone by name as that would leave people unmentioned unjustifiedly. Instead, I shout out a big thanks to all of you that are helpful and embrace new players openly! And that's a lot of people, fortunately, which is what I really like about this community. Keep it up!
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Oh wow, I am so excited and nervous...
I wanna thank:
1) Lady*D who made "dekrY in xonotic" possible, by introducing me to the game.
2) LoverTaleb for being my awesome homie all along <3
3) packer for providing the best xdf experience possible.
4) packer for kickbanning me at late nights, so I can get some sleep and have a better life
5) Hurr Durr I'm a Sheep for teaching me how to netradient and getting me into arch linux )))
6) homs for teaching me how to circle jump. I never learned it, but thanks anyway.
7) Finko for all the ruski comradery.
8) Thanks to those who helped me out in vanilla a couple of years back: Taleb, thearcon, Halogene, Champion_The (Yes, there was a time I NEEDED to practice like hell). There are many more, but I forgot, I am sorry.
9) All my lovers for good times (no homo).


I tried to order it somewhat chronologically
  • Sphere for getting me into xon
  • Kougi and Su for having the best minsta servers around
  • Smile for being the first to properly wreck me in this game
  • All my lovers for good times (very homo)
  • Dekreeeeeeeeeeeeee and NimCirTal for saving me from minsta hell [only took 4 years =)]
  • Whoever wrote the pickup bot for keeping this game alive

Oh it became a post yours thread, in that case I'd like to offer my thanks to:
  • Mossepo for introducing me to vanilla scene. I would probably still be stomping the pubs and not even know who Mirio is.
  • Mirio for keeping the tournaments coming
  • Mario and Spike for tips and help at mapping
  • Mario exclusively for being there to test some crazy ideas
  • All who contributed to this game and community
  • All my homos (much lover)
  • All my OHSNAP sauna buddies, most of whom I don't see playing much anymore
  • XSAX for everything else

Highly non-exhaustive list of a few of the people i wanna thank:
  • people who review my MRs: Mario, terencehill, EACFreddy, Antibody and a few others from time to time
  • people who comment their code
  • organic/oblomov/an old man for idling on overkill servers back when it still had a chance of luring people in and for many hilarious conversations
  • all overkill players for a lot of fun in the past
  • matthiaskrgr for telling me conditioner makes combing easier
  • -z- for creating cacs and
  • smilecythe for a forum post i can't find now but said something like 'In vanilla you don't die and think "I'll get him this time", dying means going back to square one', it made me understand what vanilla and AFPSes are about
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<packer> when i see martin-t's name my blood pressure increases

<[BOT]Hоtdоg> anyone here lives near martin?
<[BOT]Hоtdоg> will pay monies for shooting him

Everyone who has played with me and not cared about the skill. Especially you guys over on #xonotic.pickup who keep making me add every day until I get good at this game. Love all you guys Big Grin
Just keep dying until you stop dying!

Reflecting on a memorable encounter over a decade ago during a bustling CTF match, a fellow gamer from the rival team selflessly taught me blaster jumping and bunny hopping on the Great Wall map. While the name escapes me, this moment symbolizes the beauty of a welcoming community. free fire name

Huh this happened to me as well - though back in Nexuiz days on the DCC Laid Back CTF server some 20 years ago approximately. This was the spark that ignited my passion for this community (you may know halogens are highly reactive).

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(01-17-2024, 02:10 AM)viewerspeedy Wrote: I couldn't agree more with the sentiment of this thread! It's incredible how the gaming community can be a source of learning, fun, and camaraderie. Here are some players I want to express my gratitude to:

StealthMaster: Helped me understand advanced stealth techniques in the game. His patience during those countless failed attempts was truly appreciated.

SniperQueen: Showed me the ropes in sniper duels, providing valuable tips that significantly improved my gameplay. The headshots might have been painful, but the lessons were worth it!

CyberNomad: Introduced me to the intricacies of team strategies and communication. Learning to coordinate with teammates has been a game-changer.

SpeedsterX: Shared some amazing speedrunning tricks that added a whole new dimension to the game for me. Racing against the clock has never been more thrilling!

PixelPirate: A seasoned player who took the time to mentor me when I was just starting. His encouragement made the early learning curve much more enjoyable.

To everyone who contributes positively to the gaming community, thank you for making this virtual world such an enriching and enjoyable place!
bot post?

True, none of the referenced player names rang a bell - and they are not known to Xonstat. Also, the bot added a link. Purging Spammer.
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(01-30-2024, 05:12 AM)Halogene Wrote: True, none of the referenced player names rang a bell - and they are not known to Xonstat. Also, the bot added a link. Purging Spammer.
I agree with you, you are right!

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