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Rendering with one graphics card, outputting video with another. Can it be done?

I recently picked up an RX580 after the prices fell on them and found out the hard way that it is impossible to output a VGA signal through (thanks to them removing four pins from the DVI connector) the damn thing. Unfortunately for me, I have a damn fine CRT that I really don't want to give up and active HDMI to VGA converters only support resolutions up to 1920x1080. With that said, would anyone on here know how to, or even if it's possible to use one card for rendering (RX580) and another (HD7950) simply for video output?

Oh wait.

I also had CRT and was mindful enough to check the connections on RX480 I wanted to buy and saw no analog DVI. R9 380X seems to be the fastest card with analog DVI so I bought it.

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