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Artstyle Development

(03-03-2011, 04:03 AM).Danny. Wrote: The main point here is to avoid looking like as if we borrowed everything from other games and ended up with knights fighting zombies fighting elves fighting wookies fighting vampires fighting storm troopers fighting Giger's alien fighting pokemon fighting zelda.

I would love to see that.

i would love to see that, too, but i'm crazy.
4m038105 - Be the change.

its a shame about the size as well. I'd love to see giant wookies being gunned down by midgits.
Did anyone remember the chicken level in Nexuiz? That was fun.

Hello there, I'm in a similar position as anarkion.

I'm an experienced modeler(characters especially), but I've only made 1-2 game weapon models ever. Most of my experience has been with short film level models.

I'm more than willing to take on stuff, but I'd need to have a look at any existing model to be able to know what constraints I'll be working with.

A while ago I got into concept art too, and am pretty good with traditional 2D and digital 2D art. I can provide silhouettes, thumbnail drawings and rough sketches of characters and props.
Take note though, that while I can do concept art, I'm nowhere near as experienced as I am with 3D modeling/sculpting and am not sure of myself in terms of time constraints.

If there's anything anyone would like me to work on, just let me know. I should have a few hours to spare in a day, maybe more once I finish off my demoreel/portfolio.

Oh, and I'm a huge Q3 fan who still regularly plays Quake Live. I happened to run into Nexuiz somewhere, and eventually wound up here.
I think it's amazing that everyone here is working to keep the FPS arena genre alive and modern.
Kudos to you guys!

I'm sorry, I'm not able to read all of the thread here and also get any work done but I did read as much as I could. I think this thread is very important. I have done illustration and character designs for a couple games but I need a story line which I didn't see but as I said, I didn't read all the comments here. I need to know what xonotic is about in-game or I have nothing to work with artistically. Are aliens a no go altogether or just non-humanoid types? If so, what are the humans fighting for, sport? If it is purely sport than I don't see how many player types can flourish and still make sense but the glowing armor would make sense in a sick arena type sport. We need conflict or the only difference in teams is a logo on the same suit of armor or at least armor with little variation. Maybe the leader of a civilizations in the future could throw in machines for his and the crowds sick sense of pleasure. For a lot of players to exist though we need a story or conflict. I wrote about this subject on my introduction as well if you want to take a look but to sum it up; it makes a huge difference in character design if the humans are fighting an invading alien army for instance or each other and the duration over years, decades, or centuries, also makes a difference in the worn look of armor and the fighters. They may be scared and improvising new armor and methods of killing. The longer the conflict, the more diversity and the more artists have to work with but more importantly, I story must be decided on and again, if you have already, I apologize and if you could point me to the brainstorming section of the forum going over stories, I will gladly take a look and toss around ideas... I love the glow thing, by the way. Making it work with the story within a conflict where people would normally NOT want to be seen will be difficult but it is doable. Perhaps a shield technology requires glowing armor and the protection of the shield is much more beneficial than remaining hidden. Anything is possible :\
oh... I am guessing that we are stuck modeling around the armature already present? If that is the case, is anything a go that fits the armature and animations already present in game?
[Image: SavageFinal-1.jpg]

The brainstorming thread about the story line is here:

But I believe there atm is not really a storyline in the game, it's just: Kill all people that are not in your team. I don't really know of there is going to be a real story, I guess so, but when and how, you should ask one of the devs for that.

P.S. But it is very good that someone is going to make some new models, I am very interested in your work!

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