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[SOLVED] MachineGun Burst Spread

Greetings Xonoticers!

Recently, it was discovered that a regression was merged into the game's balance around the release of Xonotic 0.8 that caused the MachineGun's secondary burst attack to have no spread. This allows it to be used effectively at any range.

Seeing as this change has been in the Xonotic balance for a few years at this point, we see this as an opportunity to let the community decide on how to proceed with the MachineGun's balance!

For those who would like to test the spread value that was used prior to Xonotic 0.8, you may vote for spread on the [HUB] Duel (KANSAS) server.

Would you like to see it restored to the original value, kept as it is or something entirely different?
I look forward to hearing your feedback!

0 spread.

I actually got used to it.
It makes sense to have another hitscan weapon with no spread apart from the Vortex (the Arc is not a core weapon yet).
It doesn't make it OP as it consits only of short bursts.

I'm in favor of keeping it as it is now.

Just to be clear, no need to go to a server, everyone can test the change locally with `g_balance_machinegun_burst_spread 0.02` and revert to no spread with `g_balance_machinegun_burst_spread 0`.

My opinion:

Most weapons have some built-in mechanism to make them less effective with increasing distance. For projectiles, their travel time alone is enough (though sometimes they have spread), for hitscan spread is typically used (or damage falloff but that IMHO leads to frustration). Now, given xon has vortex and although some would disagree, i consider it the strongest weapon in most circumstances, and given vortex is just as powerful at any range (i'd say up to infinity but cl_zoomfactor creates some artificial limits) it would be a real shame to lose the only other weapon with that property. Until we have a mechanism that doesn't make vortex the uncontested king of maps like space-elevator or larger, MG spread should stay 0.
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Funny enough I just this week discovered to my own astonishement that MG secondary somehow feels much more effective at long distance than it used to feel. That it has no spread any more explains a lot - how long ago was it changed? o.O Unbelievable.
I like that MG is sort of an alternative to vortex at long ranges and support keeping the zero spread on secondary.
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I vote for zero spread as well.
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Zero spread is better
[Image: 867.jpg]

My vote would be Zero Spread as well.

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