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How to modify the instagib mod/mutator

I would like to play but with the Blaster instead of the Vaporizer. It would still instakill, but I would like players to be able to use it to laserjump around. It's like the game called Ratz: Instagib.
Is there any chance to have this created or I would be interested to know how feasible this is and get some tips on how to make it myself.

Thank you.

I am not sure what you mean, the vaporizer has blaster as its secondary attack (press RMB). Do you want only blaster, with instant kill? You could modify some cvars - try g_weaponarena "blaster" and g_balance_blaster_primary_damage 1000. Might need to disable selfdmg with g_balance_selfdamagepercent 0.
[Image: 30381.jpg]

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Vaporizer is similar to the insta rifle in ratz instagib. It has an insta kill hitscan primary and a secondary blaster projectile, which allows you to jump around. If you want the movement to feel like ratz instagib on the other hand, you could alter some values of the gravity and aircontrol perhaps.
[Image: 8848.png]

Ah, I didn't realize the Vaporizer had a secondary blaster projectile lol. Thanks mates.

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