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[SUGGESTION] Add pickup bot to official IRC channel?

There is a cool IRC pickup bot that would probablz work with Xonotic:
Maybe worth adding to the official Xonotic irc channel?

Maybe I missunderstood but there is already a pickupbot in #xonotic.pickup (maybe you mean to add one in #xonotic)

So I want to highjack your thread for another suggestion (sorry in advance)
There is the #xonotic.pick up channel and the channel on the xonotic discord server called #xonotic_pickup,
would be cool to connect both. 

But I understand that is a cool club and the stuff they are talking about is pretty important.
So they have issues with the way discord handles their privacy. So how about a new pickup channel on irc (example: #xonotic.realpickupnotyourtechandmemesupport)
Also for the connection of both could this be a solution? -->
[Image: 110074.png]

Ah, that one looks cool too, although does it also interact with the Quake server API?

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