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[DM/TDM] Spacebash

Hi, this is my first little map, inspired by the Crash Bash level, "Space Bash". In this map there are not weapons, only ammos (2 shells) for shotgun, the idea is to use the blaster to push out your enemies from the rig, or shotgun them when they are closer enought. The center panels are breakable, there are 2 jetpacks, a lot of small armors and small healths, a middle strenght powerup. I have put the waypoints so this map can be played in single player against bots. It's perfect for deathmatch, team deathmatch or instagib deathmatch. I hope there are not bugs...

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.pk3   spacebash.pk3 (Size: 1.46 MB / Downloads: 20)
"forgive your enemies but never forget their nicknames"

Nice map! 
Looks like a stadium trap field where the players fall in the void when others shot the ground to delete space of the panels.
Good job, keep it up!

Thanks, I hope this is fun. I will continue to do my best!
"forgive your enemies but never forget their nicknames"

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