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Unjust ban on the only active DM server, what can be done?


Thanks for reporting the issue. All the popular servers such as Eris or the one that this thread is about are hosted at Myloc in Düsseldorf Germany. It is closer to the Rhine-Ruhr area and also to the Netherlands and Belgium, so most people see those servers higher in the list because of lower ping.

Unfortunately, Myloc is a very expensive provider and that's how they suck so much in the bottom price segment. That's how there are those skips, they just suck.

I don't know what Eris is paying, maybe 5 or 10 Euros a month. That is way too much I believe. OVH is a really good cheap provider. I never had issues with their servers and Xonotic runs like at least 20 players on the 3 Euro option. But no one will pick the server if it has 10ms more ping ... so I don't know if I should just put the server offline or keep it this month until it expires.

You can clone my server very simply if you follow the instructions here:

Seriously, can we nuke that server already?
It's PAINFUL to see it always active 24/7 and being THE ONLY DM SERVER PLAYED AT ALL, I tried waiting for hours on others but nobody joined.

It's like one piece of shit banned me from whole Xonotic.

And I'm far from being the only one.

Scumbag is destroying Xonotic community and we will do nothing?

Quote:You can clone my server very simply if you follow the instructions here:
Yo, what kind of server is that? Vanilla DM? I have nice 24/7 dedicated server (16 cores / 32GB / Gigabit connection), can put it there if that's the case.
But, still, why would anyone join there if nobody joins i.e. Eris DM?

I think there are three things at play here, why people join "Xonotic 0.8.2 server":

1. The owner probably uses spectator bots, so often it shows like "1/24" while the others are all empty and do not even show at all.
2. It is hosted at Myloc, like Eris and my server in Düsseldorf, Germany. The very populated Rhine-Ruhr area, plus the Netherlands and Belgium are within just 100km distance. London and France are also very close. So the most amount of players get an excellent ping and it is always highest on the list. I checked if there are other datacenters, maybe even more central in the Rhine-Ruhr area, but really there is just Düsseldorf that has humane prices.
3. Most people use "Xonotic 0.8.2", so they assume compatibility or they just recognize the name better.

For , look at the server.cfg. It is nothing special config-wise, although it has tons of non-standard maps.

What is great about it is, that you basically can just rent a new VPS, then copy&paste those instructions and you are literally done within minutes and everything is set up perfectly and properly (except that autobuild is used, which doesn't support encryption like the Git version would ... which is not very important).

When you have no guide to follow, then it may take you hours and days to fiddle everything into place. Hunting for good maps alone takes forever. But also it took me e.g. 2 hours until I figured out that you have to put an empty ZIP file named "[pk3name].serverpackage" into the ZIP/pk3 file "[pk3name].pk3" in order for this pk3 file to be downloaded when the csprogs file differs. So that people who first time connect to the server are not stalled in connecting for an extra minute or so... This is documented absolutely nowhere. Setting up a server is otherwise very very straight forward, and there is only one such extreme pitfall. But still if you never have done it, then I think a few hours are at least required to get it just running acceptably, and perfectly with new maps and all that plus maybe even voting bots like Eris has that takes much much longer.

Yeah, anyway, with this guide it just takes minutes for a blank VPS.

Quote:1. The owner probably uses spectator bots, so often it shows like "1/24" while the others are all empty and do not even show at all.
Yep, I check and there's always somebody 'spectating'. What an outright scum admin.

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