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Anyone interested in me starting a clan?

I ask, mainly because I make clans in some games that I play long term. My clan would be based on the entertainment business I started back in September, and we could play all types of games, not just Xonotic.
Note that I will not be active from Friday Night to Saturday Night for certain games, and for those days that fall during a weekday that have the same schedule (I'll warn everyone at least a few days in advance), but I wouldn't mind pulling this off.
This clan is from the Western US, but anyone can join from anywhere in the world.

(12-12-2022, 09:21 PM)Cassandra Howard Wrote: Hi, I'm new to Xonotic. I have absolutely no idea about it and need help. I can join your clan. Because I love playing games and especially want to find game store mods to play. Coincidentally, if I join your clan, I can also play games other than Xonotic. I have consulted a lot on the forum, also saw people mention techloky and some other websites with many good games. But by chance I read your post and can I join your clan or not. Thank You!

I appreciate the interest. CISN is an entertainment startup I founded in 2021, and we post on YouTube under the name "CoculesNation". I had already produced Xonotic content in the Instagib mode. We can talk more about this, just DM me on here for more info.

[CISN] Neigdoig, I am not at all sure that this is a human user. The post reads like some text blobs some AI has scrambled together. Here's a challenge for the user: if you read this post and make a statement about being human, I'll leave your account open. Otherwise I'll close it after, say, two weeks. From now. :o)
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It sounds more like a worker in a classic Asian clickfarm to me, maybe a woman in their 20s in Vietnam.

Or AI powered of course.
Visit our clan website:

It could also be a chinese male teenager that migrated to india because of personal conflict with his family.

As tempting as it is, let's not derail this thread. :o)
My Xonstats Profile
Latest track on soundcloud: Farewell - to a better Place (piano improvisation)
New to Xonotic? Check out the Newbie Corner!


I will reiterate this, since it seems the first interest was probably awkward.

If anyone is interested in joining CISN, you can DM me for more information. However, I don't use Discord, but Nerimity (a Discord-like program) and/or Matrix protocol, so bear that in mind, as I run a server for my YouTube channel with Nerimity.

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