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Changing config server announcement

Hey, hope you are having a good time.

I am announcing a server I will be running from this Friday 7th 12:00 UTC until end of Friday 14th.
Each day at 12:00 UTC this server will restart and change its config to something even weirder than last time. That way you can experiment and find out what is the best way to eliminate each other in deathmatch with rules you've never seen before.
Currently I am only running the stock maps as I haven't had a lot of time to set things up.

The server name will be "Daily new configs" so make sure to take a look. (the server might switch server categories overday so make sure to search for the name)
I want to see how many people like this so that I can consider making it permanent.
If you like this, want to give feedback or submit some own quirky config you have found yourself make sure to inform me by replying in this thread or dm me on matrix where you can find me in the xonotic server. I still have much to learn about xonotic.

I hope this takes off and that you all have a great time on my server and a pleasant day to you all.

What particular things did you configure? What is the server name?

There are a lot of servers that don't get much activity though, so best of luck.
Visit our clan website:

Just some xonotic config changes that change gameplay opposed to stock deathmatch, for example right now you can't ground accelerate so you have to use your blaster, grapple hook and airstrafes to move.
However xonotic kept on picking my ipv6 and I have only forwarded my ipv4 I thought that it did both but I couldn't check from another network. I changed the net_address in my configs and got a ipv4 now. the servername would be "Daily new configs".
If you still can't see it please let me know it is probably something on my side Sad

But what is the name of it?! I searched "changing config server" but it doesn't show anything.
Visit our clan website:

(04-08-2023, 08:09 AM)ballerburg9005 Wrote: But what is the name of it?! I searched "changing config server" but it doesn't show anything.

read previous post again but slower

I'm sorry I have now tested on another network and indeed couldn't see my server. I think this is because of my isp who have changed their modem interface (my isp installed their own modem when choosing their platform Sad ) and absolutely destroyed their whole port forwarding section. I can't change the ports anymore and nmap returns something completely different. Until I get my own modem (hopefully with some foss running on it) this probably won't work. When I get that I will make sure to get this running for some time again. This might take some time tho. I will make sure to let you know when that is ballerburg as your enthusiasm was very much appreciated Wink


Check out the paragraph in italics in this server totorial:

You can get a super-beefy Ampere server for free and host your Xonotic server there directly (or use iptables to bypass your router, but this will somewhat adversely affect ping).

Experimental things are fun for a short while. Have you seen SMB mod? I miss Akimbo in regular Xonotic. Also FAF had "nerf" weapons on his server for a while. You could vote for it, and when it activated e.g. Hagar would spam dozens of shots instead of just one. Funniest mod ever Big Grin .
Visit our clan website:

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