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[SUGGESTION] Nexuiz forward compatibility

IIRC this has been discussed to some extend, not really read much on it though.

I would like a last Nexuiz patch to allow, to some extend, forward compatbiility.

If in say half a year someone new installs Nexuiz maybe through their (outdated?) dist repository and comes upon an empty server list, or a few old empty servers, she might just think there's no community playing that and leave it at that. I know I might have.

To give them a 'hint' I would like Nexuiz to possibly poll dpmaster for both Nexuiz and Xonotic Servers and merge them in the Server list.

Currently Nexuiz 'crashes' on executing Xonotic CSQC. I know Engine changes might make this unfeasible but maybe there could be a CSQC switch that detects Nexuiz as Host and activate some fallbacks in that case? I know that would be some bloat at least. Or the Server might do client detection and upload a slightly different CSQC with fallbacks in place to Nexuiz clients?

What's the teams take on this?

So are you saying to include Xonotic servers in the Nexuiz list? If it doesn't take a huge amount of time it would be useful; though I think there will be Nexuiz server for a long time.

The clients won't really be compatible: missing player models, missing maps.
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