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What editor for Xonotic ???

Hi all
New question for you about Xonotic .... what editor can i use for mapping/editing Xonotic ???

I love Gtk Radiant 1.4.0 and i want to continue mapping with this editor, any idea about a support for this ???

And Net Radiant ... ???

Net Radiant is exactly the same as GTK Radiant pretty much. So use that Smile

I'll be posting up a tutorial for it shortly.

I dont like Net Radiant .... btw is a very nice and powerful software but i want Gtk radiant 1.4 Sad

I hope to make a support .... the first release of Xonotic has got a date ???

Dont think there is anything set yet.

Oh don't be such a baby. Its almost identical to gtk radiant! It didn't take me long to move over when I did. Tongue

Well NetRadiant is gtk radiant 1.5 with bugs fixed and some additional features.. try to get used to it Smile
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(03-24-2010, 03:57 PM)esteel Wrote: Well NetRadiant is gtk radiant 1.5 with bugs fixed and some additional features.. try to get used to it Smile

There are some features like make dettail and make structural are different respect gtk radiant 1.4.0.
Also the texturing process is quite different and i prefer the older one.
Some times i used net radiant for textutring some meshes but nothing more, btw thanks for the replies.

Since i use 1.4 ill be making, or at least try to make, a xonotix/radiant 1.4 support package at some point.

yeah i will try to make a sort of support, is quite hard respect 1.5 but i can try Smile

i actually preffer netrad over gtkrad. i use the 4 window layout and ctrl+shift+tab is great . it centers all the windows to what is in the 3d view . very helpful in dense maps .
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For trying out NetRadiant...Which textures can I use?
Which ones will be allowed for Xonotic?

Allowed? If you just create a "third party" map you can use any texture you are legally allowed to distribute. If you have a map you want to be included in Xonotic it has to be GPL textures.
One way to make sure is to only use textures currently in Xonotic or creating new ones and licencing them GPL..
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